Mayor Otu’s ‘Water of Katampe’ Documentary Photo Project brings hope to Abuja Community

Mayor Otu

Documentary Photographer, Mayor Otu is using storytelling through pictures to bring hope of having clean water to the people of Katampe, a community mostly made of nomads in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.

After teaching a photography master class session in the city, the fast-rising documentary and portrait photographer decided to document the life of the people living in Katampe tagging it “Water of Katampe”.

A young child carrying a plastic container filled with coloured (dirty) water gotten from the well in the Katampe community

His findings were made available through photos he shared via social media proof that the people are on the brink of experiencing an outbreak of a waterborne disease and could lead to loss of lives.

On Instargam, he said:

“Going there was an eye opening experience as I saw firsthand these people source of water which they use basically for everything; Washing, bathing, cooking, drinking and for the cattle too.

They have one water well in the community and the water from the well is as dirty as the water from the stream which we can’t tell the source.

I had about 3 hours to create images that will communicate the water conditions in Katampe.

This project is not about photography, Lighting or Techniques, it’s about getting help for this community.

The Men, women and most importantly Children in Ruga Katampe need clean and portable water so as to live a healthy live.”

Indeed, this got positive response from WaterAid, an international non-governmental organisation, focused on water, sanitation and hygiene.

Here is their comment on his photos published on Instagram:


Written by Prince Simeon

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