Marketa Launches Her Digital Agency

Marketa Digital-Hypestationng

What exactly is online marketing? Is it just having a nice website? Appearing on first spot in search results? Running Paid Advertising Campaigns? Having a strong Social Presence?

For Marketa, online marketing is much more than any of the above. It is about strategy. It is about creating digital experiences that in turn engage audiences; drive leads and grow businesses.

Marketa is a group of digital marketing professionals, brand managers, content creators, graphics and multimedia designers that serves you as a creative partner by taking your brand and business to your desired audience and by helping you achieve your marketing objectives through very creative digital strategy.

They help clients to understand the opportunities within the evolving digital landscape, produce compelling content driven campaigns with very agile digital strategies, all supported by the latest in technology that is designed to do one thing; convert those engaged audiences and communities into your customers.

Marketa understands your business or campaign objectives and has an intention to deliver your project with precision.

Based in Uyo, Nigeria, this growing team of young creative minds, who have worked closely with clients such as Peoples Democratic Party, Hypestation Nigeria, Least pay Group of Companies, University of Uyo, Advance Conference, Bliss Travel Consults etc., are not limited by distance when it comes to helping you accomplish your digital marketing, online presence and visual representation goals from wherever you are in Nigeria.

Marketa’s website was launched last week. What do you know? Visit our website and give them a shot!



Address: 12 William Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Website: www.marketa.com.ng

Email: hello@marketa.com.ng




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