Man Treks from Lagos to Abuja to Express his Disappointment in Buhari & APC

On Thursday, Borno born Isa Mohammed Munlaila began the 668km trek from Lagos to Abuja to express his disappointment in APC as well as protest against Buhari’s second term presidential aspiration.

Before he commenced the journey carried with him a small box wrapped with the country’s colors “green and white”. The box was labelled “R .I.P APC”.

Isa Mohammed claimed to have also walked from Lagos to Lokoja in 2015 in support of Buhari and aspiring Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state.

In his conversation with newsmen before embarking on the journey, he said: “Actually, I want to show my disappointment with this APC. As you can see, the youths of this country are very angry. APC promised us heaven on earth, they promised us three million jobs in a year, but now, we don’t even have 500,000 jobs in four years.”

“I trekked during the victory in 2015, we all trekked to celebrate the victory because there was a change in the government and we thought we got change.

“Nobody motivated me. I have my money and I use my money to do what I want to do. I am just representing the youths of this country. I am not for any party. I am only for anyone who has the youths at heart.”

Written by Prince Simeon

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