M.I Abaga Sets New Record in Africa with 5 Albums on Apple Music Top 100 Album Charts


Veteran Nigerian rapper, M.I has set a new record in on iTunes Africa with 5 of his albums making it the top 100 charts on the music streaming platform.

The Chocolate City CEO, with real name Jude Abaga is the first African artist to have all 5 albums on Apple Music top 100 album charts all at the same time.

He shared how grateful he was while breaking the news of this feat on Twitter saying:

“I’m holding back tears!!! My major reason for responding to 🐍 was he insulted my fans!!! You guys defended me and supported me for years and I just saw that ALL MY ALBUMS.. ALL OF THEM just entered Apple music 100.. I’m not worthy.. but Thank You ♥️ I love you guys”


The albums includes his debut, ‘Talk About It’ –  2008, ‘M.I 2’: The Movie – 2010,  ‘The Chairman – 2014’, ‘Rendezvous’ – February 9, 2018 and ‘A Study On Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl’ – August 24, 2018.

This solidifies his dominance as the “Chairman” in the rap scene around the continent and as a rapper who churns out quality work that remains evergreen.


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