Lady Declared Missing Called out for Over 1billion Naira Investment Fraud

Munachim Eze

A young Nigerian lady, Munachim Eze Chukwuma Onyia has been declared missing by her family for about 10 days now has also been called out on social media for an alleged fraud of over one billion Naira. 

Report says Muna’s was last seen early hours of Thursday at the office in Victoria Island, as her family members have called for the police to intervene but they haven’t shown any lead to finding her.

Some Twitter users who came in contact with the news about her being missing happen to have found a record of fraud on Munachi.

A user with the name Carlo Gambino @Abdvlherphyz tweeted “Apparently, this is the Muna person that finessed people 1.1 Billion Nigerian Naira and gone MIA.”

Another user of the Bird App by the name Sodiq Laide @Laide__, who fell victim to this fraud have also come out to speak on Twitter. He stated that Muna defrauded her schoolmates in Ghana and went missing for 4 years, causing every student who invested in her scam to have financial issues.

However, Most followers, as a result of Muna’s scam believe she’s faking it and not a missing person as declared by her family. while others go ahead to pray she’s being found safely if actually, she’s missing.


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