Kanye West ‘Ye’ hits Number One on the Billboard for Eight Consecutive times


Billboard reports  has it that Rapper Kanye West has hit the top of the U.S. albums chart with his new full-length ye. The album sold 208,000 album equivalent units, with 85,000 of those stemming from traditional album sales and 120,000 from streaming.

Ye is Kanye’s eighth solo full-length  including his joint Watch the Throne album with JAY-Z, ye is Kanye’s eighth in a row to go number one. The new record features appearances and contributions from artists including Nicki Minaj, Kid Cudi, and more.

West released “Ye” after going silent for a year due to mental health issues. He returned by making characteristic waves on social media, notably by becoming a rare African American celebrity to voice support for President Donald Trump.

With rhymes about his latest controversies, a throwback sound of soul samples and at only seven tracks, “Ye” was less ambitious than many works by West, who had become known for his sprawling opuses.

West has reached number one with all of his studio albums except his debut, 2004’s “The College Dropout,” and also topped the chart with a collaborative album with Jay-Z, “Watch the Throne,” from 2011.

West returned Friday with yet another seven-track album, “Kids See Ghosts,” a collaboration with his protege Kid Cudi.




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