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Joyce Daniels: 9 Death Traps Every Speaker Must Avoid!

Joyce Daniels aka The Queen of Talk (Photo: Instagram)

“I’m going to give it to them at that event today,’ Sola thought to himself. He was extremely confident in his ability to wow the audience at TheBamis2019. Alas, it was not to be!

Four hours later, Sola left the event sorely disappointed and dissatisfied because he got unenthusiastic responses from the audience.

It got so bad that the couple suggested he leave the stage so the live band could take over. On his way home, Sola pondered on what he did wrong this time.

Like Sola, have you MCeed an event where you got less than enthusiastic responses from the audience? Perhaps there are things you could be doing wrong.

Joyce Daniels, Nigerian event compere and trainer who is also referred to as the ‘Queen of Talk’ wants you to consider these 9 possibilities as a Public Speaker.


1. Your message lacks clarity:

Lack of clarity brings confusion and this makes your speech boring, bland and weak.

As you prepare for any event, you need to be very clear about the purpose of the messages.

Is it to impress, motivate, inform or entertain your audience? When you know the message and its purpose, you become more inspired and motivated and of course, you will transfer that same energy to your audience.


2. Your speech isn’t structured:

An important part of every speech is its structure.

The structure helps your audience understand you, and of course, it helps you become more confident, knowing the direction you’re taking.

A structured speech has a strong opening, a substantial body and a memorable closing.


3. You don’t pause properly:

Relax, breathe, and let your words sink in!

Pause to allow your audience to reflect on what you’ve said from time to time.

Always remember, silence is golden and a confidently well-placed pause will command your audience’s attention.


4. You move without purpose:

Now, this is one of the funniest of them all. For some reason when we were growing up, we were told that “when you’re delivering a speech, move around the stage.”

This is highly unnecessary but I see that a lot of speakers fall into this ‘speaking deathtrap.’ If you must move, only do so with a purpose!


5. You lift other people’s material (Plagiarism):

Avoid being that copycat who doesn’t give proper acknowledgement to the source of their materials.

You can avoid all issues that come with the use of other people’s materials when you simply put in the hard work to find your voice, discover your style, and develop your content.

If you do not have your content, hire a professional to help you.


6. You use insincere gestures:

What you say and what you do should always be in sync. If you sound happy, alive and passionate, you should have a smiling face and an upbeat body language.

You can’t project being happy with a low tone of voice and sloppy body language.


7. You use 3rd parties stories instead of yours:

One of the challenges that come with the use of someone else’s story is that a member of your audience may know the story better than you. You may misplace the facts or punch holes in the story which may cause you to lose credibility.

To avoid this, always share your own stories so people will learn more about you. It’ll also make them connect with you since you’ll be more relatable.


8. Your speech is vague:

Being specific with your speech not only builds credibility, but it also creates a more vivid picture in the mind of your listeners.

Details in your story make it more believable and of course, makes it more enjoyable for your audience.


9. You don’t speak up:

Do people strain to hear you when you speak? Do you always get the phrase ‘we can’t hear you’ or, ‘speak louder, please.’  If yes, this is a problem.

Nobody wants to strain to hear a mousy speaker stumble over their words, so you need to be the kind of speaker that everyone can hear even without a microphone.


You have been an average speaker for far too long, it’s time to gear up and take charge like the Master that you are!

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