Invitation to COOPA Democracy Day Social Media Convo Season 2


The leadership and members of the Conference of Online Publishers in Akwa Ibom State (COOPA) is delighted to invite you for our annual COOPA Democracy Day Social Media Convo (Season 2).

COOPA Democracy Day Social Media Convo (Season 2) is a series of conversations with keyplayers and policy makers in Nigeria. This year’s sessions will hold in June in line with the June 12 date, earmarked by the Nigerian Government to celebrate Democracy Day.

The online session is designed to engage personalities vested with knowledge and experience, in a discourse on a range topical issues for adequate deliberations and interactions, in a bid to proffer solution to the myriad of challenges our clime is faced with.

The topics will cover the Health, Technology, Social Enterprise, Media, Politics, Legislature, Business, Tourism & Hospitality sectors.

We are hopeful that our interaction and engagement will create positive impact in our socio-political and economic space, as I look forward to a productive interactive session.

Join the conversation via #COOPASMConvo .

Best Regards,
Ifreke Nseowo
Chancellor, COOPA


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