International Day of the Girl Child: Read Philip Asuquotes Heartfelt Note to Young Women


Today globally is known as International Day of the Girl Child and brand strategist cum futurist, Philip ‘Asuquotes’ Asuquo pens down a heartfelt piece to celebrate outstanding young women, while making case for them to motivate and support the ones coming behind them.

Read the note:

Dearest grown and growing woman,

As we celebrate today’s international day of the girl child, there is every need for older and growing women to raise a new level of consciousness for enterprise/money for the younger generation of women.

Through my years of putting my eyes on the issues surrounding women, I realised that it is the established and grown women that can truly change the cause of womanhood by reaching out to the younger ones in a bid to support them and help them grow a new level of consciousness and enterprise.

If the grown women are bad examples to the younger ones, they tend to follow that example…If our women truly arise and also help other younger women rise too, womenfolk and indeed humanity will be lifted.

This is indeed no subtle or direct attack on our ladies but rather a word with a heart that truly loves you.

This being, I would say;

Teach yourself to be enterprising and to attract what you want with your skills or honest work. Teach our young girls to do this too.

Teach yourself to evolve away from having an entitlement mindset when it comes to money and using the men around you or the ones you know to always raise money…You can build a business or system that pays you…teach them this too.

Teach yourself to build a stream or more of income so that you don’t have to depend on hand-outs and ‘pity-lending’ from men/women who see this as belittling but won’t tell you…teach the younger women this too.

Dear Womanity, at the end of it all, what you do to get what you need or want really matters. It helps you create a new system of earning or having money to solve needs. If the system you are building is based on hand-outs from sugar daddies, boyfriends and the likes, what happens when you are married and will need money maybe to support your husband to pay school fees or the likes? Will you call your sugar daddy or male friend to assist? It is better if you build financial systems that even you can pass on to your daughters! It is clear that you wouldn’t want to pass your system of sugar daddies or the likes to your daughter.

A woman is enterprising. God has blessed women with the gift to multiply whatever is put in them. The mentality passed down to our womenfolk has to be consciously changed to bring about a true positive change amongst them and the best people to do this for the girl child is the grown women…

I celebrate the efforts of these notable ladies in this direction and I believe with more hands on deck, we can and will do more:

Amb Unyime-Ivy King, Joan-Paul Momodu, Udeme Ekoriko Etibensi, Yvonne Ebbi, Bestie Tamara Atti, Emem Daniel.

Together, let’s raise a new consciousness of enterprise amongst our women. Let’s teach this to our younger generation of women and create a new vista for women! Grown women, do reach out and teach as well as raise one of more other young ones so that they too can grow by a path that will change the cause of ‘womanity’.

Happy International Day of the Girl Child

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