Ime Uwah; Due Tribute to An Examplary Leader At 41

Ime Uwah
Ime Uwah

by Paul Sylvester

John W. Gardner, author of ‘Living, Leading, and the American Dream’, said sometime ago that an exemplary act may affect one life, or even millions of lives. All those who set standards for themselves, who strengthen the bonds of community, who do their work creditably and accept individual responsibility, are building the common future.


We live in a time where our society needs purposeful leadership and more importantly, leadership by example for the good of all. Of the many young leaders around, there stands one from Uyo extraction whose style is ‘unresistingly’ lovable. Fine youth development advocate, community mobiliser and entrepreneurship promoter; Mr. Ime Uwah, Senior Special Assistant to Gov. Emmanuel on Micro-Finiance and Enterprise Development.


Like it or not, Uwah is a wonder of [youth] leadership in this clime. I make bold to celebrate his admirable virtues which by many standards are worthy of emulation. One way these virtues can be assessed is in the value of resources at the disposal of Ime Uwah, compared to some others who probably have access to greater opportunities than him.


In Uwah’s disposal, the value of money is in start up funds for rural women, it is in community development. It is services to God and humanity. Uwah’s value for money traverses numerous productive gestures that positively affect lives and the environment. Without question, even the commendations and awards to his honour, are clear testimonials to this. Like he is known for, he ‘rains’ goodness and productivity everywhere he goes, as the ‘Rainmaker’ that he is fondly referred to by many.


It is in recognition of his fine personae that the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World in Abak District, recently decorated him with an award of excellence, (of the several awards he has received so far since January 2019) specifically for his efforts in “development of church and humanity”. It is in conformation of his benevolence that many are attracted to him. In his daily routine, he is not without intent to touch lives in various ways including coming to the aid of the needy. Mr. Ime Uwah’s milk of human kindness, like rain, flows and roll on many roofs regardless of those under it.


I stand to pay due tribute to this man of charisma. I salute his strength and I celebrate him at 41 for leaving traces of good life and people centric leadership for the next generation. Take a moment and celebrate with me, a pride of youth, the Rainmaker!


Happy 41st birthday to Mr Ime Uwah!

Fly on!

Written by Prince Simeon

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