Ime Uwah: A Shining Star At 42

Ime Uwah-Eni Store
Ime Uwah

By Paul Sylvester

February 16, the ‘Day of the Shining Star’ is one of the most important national holidays in North Korea, just as the country’s ‘Day of the Sun’. While the former is set aside to celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il, the later is declared to commemorate his grandfather’s birthday. The ‘Day of the Shining Star’ is traditionally slated to celebrate admirable virtues of Kim Jong Il, who led the country through thick and thin and gave many North Koreans, a sense of pride.

Given the principal intent of the ‘Day of the Shining Star’, it can be taken that in a day like February 15, which immediately precedes the North Korean shining star day, celebrating a similar figure, would ‘technically’ make the day a good replica of North Korea’s version. In this, we turn to Nigeria’s southern city – Uyo.

Born on February 15, 1978, Ime Emmanuel Uwah, a Nigerian entrepreneur and politician, who’s growing up were ordinary, has turned to become a symbol of excellence, humaneness, and a fine model of youth leadership in his home state, Akwa Ibom. Contemporaries and admirers fondly refer to him as the Rainmaker, following his known ability and willingness to cause positive changes especially when least expected. At 42, he has yet to relent in that regard.

There are so many sides to Uwah’s life and successes – the giant strides in business, his love for God, his passion for community development and the people and many perspectives of him which makes it such a task to know where and how to start describing him.

In all of these, an aspect of his life tends to dwarf others. It is his love and passion for the wellbeing of humanity, the community and seeing that young people also get it right. This is unarguably the side of his life that most validates the nickname, Rainmaker.

Appointed twice as Senior Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Microfinance & Enterprise Development and Branding & Marketing, respectively, Uwah got elevation in public service as a result of his superlative performance in entrepreneurship, driven by innovation. Uwah’s glaring signature on business development in the state, unrepentant youth advocacy, and positivist disposition deservedly earn him the ENTREPRENEURIAL ROLE MODEL AWARD by the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in 2019.

While often declaring that God is the greatest, he consciously and in humility sacrifices huge resources to the development and growth of Christian missionary work at different places. Presently, he is the youngest patron of the African Church. Like the light of a star, he continuously strives to lead in the manner as admonished in the holy book that one should shine his light that God may be glorified. Indeed, Uwah is a ‘Shining Star’ and this day, we celebrate him.

Happy birthday, Rainmaker. Live forever!


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