“I Really Love Being A Father” – Mbomboyo Gushes Out on #EmbracingFatherhood Series


Gospel music act, Mbomboyo joins the list of fathers to share their stories of how they got into father on our #EmbracingFatherhood series. The “Jehovah” singer had waited for 6 long years before his marriage was blessed with the fruit of the womb. “I really love being a Father”, he gushes out despite the challenges associated with it.

Read Mbomboyo’s experience below:

Embracing Fatherhood has been to me an awesome as well as challenging experience. Let me begin from the now and I’ll flip backward.

The best part of my day is when I return from my days hustle and I step back into the house to a rousing chorus of “daddy welcome!” from my three “lil dragons” Olive (7), Cedar and Pearl (both 4).

When I contrast this with back then when My Diamond and I spent the first 6 years of our marriage childless; six loooonnnng years awaiting their arrival…. Hmmmm.


This explains why from the day one of “our” pregnancy with Olive; beginning when the test results returned positive, I felt she shouldn’t touch a thing, she won’t drive nor did I allow her use a motorbike be it commercial or private.

Even with the twins (Cedar & Pearl) it was the same; especially after the scan showed they were twins inside. At some point their sheer size demobilized her, she couldn’t move nor do the regulars. I had to be there for her 247.

Mbomboyo- #EmbracingFather2-Hypestationng

In terms of my wife’s attitude and food cravings, it didn’t change! She didn’t even experience the usual nausea like others do. I guess people are created differently, but I just had to care for her delicately and help out much more than I usually did.

More so, I hear of men who are at beer parlours when the news of their wife’s delivery gets to them. Well for me, we’ve always had to stay days and weeks after delivery in the hospital. And I can’t imagine being any place else. I stay there and sleep there with my family.

Till date people at the hospital felt am a doctor on duty call…Lol. So we stick together though, till victory comes and thank God we’re usually victorious.

Selfie time with the girls

When I realise that without me these kids won’t come into this planet that my wife won’t go through these hectic experiences. It places enormous responsibility on me to make every necessary sacrifice and do my very best.

The joys of fatherhood that follow are just unspeakable and indescribable. You literally watch feeble life develop and grow right before your eyes into solid and responsible adults. I really love being a Father.

Written by Prince Simeon

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