“I am Going for the Crown in the Filmmaking Business” – Nollywood Director Paul Frank

Paul Frank

Nollywood director Paul Frank is filled with optimism as regards his career in the film industry, as he is headed for the crown in the filmmaking business and will also leave a legacy behind.

The Akwa Ibom born and Netherlands trained filmmaker revealed this in a virtual chat with Hypestation while sharing his journey through the Nigerian film space, stating that he is not after the title in the film but going for the crown and legacy.

“At the end, I want to leave films that are going to be used in film school to teach people film making. I am going for the crown in the business.”

Paul who began his film career in November 2008 and his directorial debut in 2010, is not hasty about making success but believes in putting in the work to achieve his dreams, as two films he directed have recently gone on mainstream platforms.

“See how long it took me to have my directorial films out there on mainstream platforms. Since 2008 I’ve been at it and then just last year, a movie on Rok TV and NevadaBridge TV. Is not how fast you run but it’s how well. And I never gave up. People say I am not good. They talk. But I know what I want and where I am heading to”, he added.

Written by Prince Simeon

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