Hundreds of Nigerians Displaced in China, Subjected to Inhumane Conditions by Chinese Authorities


Nigerian citizens and other black nationals in their hundreds are currently reported to be displaced in the streets of China and subjected to inhumane conditions by the Chinese authorities.

The news about this situation broke out on Wednesday evening on Twiter and within a short period of time made the top trend on the microblogging app with the hashtag #ChinaMustExplain.

Some of the tweets are videos showing Nigerians kicked out of their apartments, hotel rooms and left to roam the streets, as they appeal to the Nigerian government to quickly come to their aide.




Unconfirmed reports also have it that their passports have been seized for no definite reason. About 300 persons are affected by this, left to sleep out in the blistering cold.

This is happening shortly after a 15-man team of Chinese doctors arrived in Nigeria to assist the country to combat the global pandemic.

There is no official statement yet by the Chinese or Nigerian government over the issue.


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