HNG Boss, Mark Essien Proposes for a Restructure of Akwa Ibom State into Two-Well Planned Cities

Mr Mark Essien, Founder Hotels.NG

Mr Mark Essien, the Founder of one Africa’s biggest online hotel booking portal, HotelsNG has proposed for a restructuring of Akwa Ibom State into two-well planned cities.

Mark, a tech guru who is a native of Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area of the State in a Facebook post suggested a ‘Centrral City’ and a ‘Port City’, both which will connect about 3 to 4 local government areas, while converting the rest of the land for commercial agriculture.

The post read:

“My proposal on how to re-structure Akwa Ibom. Two big, well-planned cities – Central City connecting Abak, Ikot Ekpene and Uyo and Port City, connecting Eket, Oron and the new Deep Seaport. The rest of the land should be converted to commercial agriculture – mostly Oil Palm, Cassava and Commercial fishing. Instead of doing 100 things on a small scale, we do a few things but do them very well.”

a map of Mark’s proposed two-well developed cities

Many consider this a lofty idea and hope the government will adopt it, but do you think this will help fast-track the development of this Southern Nigerian State which in many quarters has been considered the fastest growing State in the region?

Written by Prince Simeon

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