“Historical Films Educate and Entertain the Viewers” – Moses Eskor

Moses Eskor (DGN)

Nollywood movie director, Moses Eskor (DGN) has asserted that beyond just for entertainment, historical films play a major role in educating the people.

Eskor, the Akwa-Ibom born veteran thespian in a virtual conversation with Hypestation, pointed out some reasons why he loves history-based movies, citing employment opportunities, longevity and identifying tourism potentials for investors.  

“Adventure is good, I do every story but I love history more, it is legendary and it last longer. Historical films provide more employment for professionals in various fields because historical film it’s a community project. Some historical films and stories outlive many generations. Many study theatres in highbrow Universities and colleges use historical films as case studies. Two of my film projects ‘1929’ and ‘Bridge of No Return’ are still showing on study theatres in Universities in Europe.”

When asked what can this type of movie can do for a State like Akwa Ibom, Eskor said Historical films send out positive information that can expose the hidden heritage of the State.

“A State like Akwa Ibom has so much rich history and excellent heritage and good films on true life stories about the State will attract tourism investors and visitors who long to go to wonderful communities for vacation. A consistent showcase of our history will launder the image of the State.”

Eskor whose directing career dates back to 1998 has directed over 15 historical film projects. Prominent amongst them is Cross and Tinapa, a true-life history of a son of a Slave who later became the Obong of Calabar and ‘Bloodstain in Bokondo’, a story that exposed the tradition of the Bokondo people in the South Atlantic Coast. Others include ‘Bridge of No Return’, another Story on slavery, an expose’ on the 17th Century Bridge that shipped thousands of Slaves from Southern Atlantic Coast of Ikot Abasi to Europe and ‘1929’ about the popular 1929 women riot in Aba and Opobo province of the old Nigeria.

He is currently working on a new project surrounding the untold experience of Mary Slessor on the Coast of Eniong River, her life, her battles and her death. He says he’s been researching and working on a story since 2009, interviewing over 200 natives across Okoyong, ITU, Use, Ikot Obong and Ikpe communities.



Written by Prince Simeon

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