Here’s Why Idorenyin Akpabio’s Interstate Game is Fun-filled & Mentally Stimulating


Every country on planet earth has a variety of things people can learn from which are peculiar to them. However, the learning experience could be interesting or straight-cut boring based on the platforms one is learning from.

To ensure that these learning are carried out in a fun way, a young Akwa Ibomite, an Entrepreneur/Brand Strategist and Creative Director of Aideeology Games, Mr Idorenyin Akpabio recently developed an innovative game, the Interstate Board Game.


The Interstate Board Game is a fun, interactive and very educative board game that helps players learn more about all the 36 states of Nigeria in areas like history, geography, current affairs, government, education, sports, security, etc. The game also challenges a player’s general knowledge of the country of Nigeria.

Mr Akpabio who is publicly known as the face of Aideeology and the brain behind the Interstate game, says he’s not the only one behind the product. “There’s a whole neural network of interconnected minds and brains operating in Aideeology.”


The idea behind the board game, he says was inspired by a list of the 36 states of Nigeria written down on a jotter. “Seeing the jotter again after about 2 years, and with a personal desire to help make learning about Nigeria more fun for kids, we decided to build on that list, so we added flesh to that skeleton, and a basic game prototype was developed. After a lot of research, critical thinking and a series of iterations, Interstate as it is now, was born.”

Developing the Interstate game was not as easy as a walk through the park. It went through 4 different trials before the final product was achieved.


“We’ve had about 4 different iterations of Interstate before this final product, each with its distinct game mechanics, but all based on learning about the 36 states of Nigeria. But to help us create a more entertaining game with high replayability, we asked for and received a lot of input from the public via prototype tests and focus groups, and we incorporated all that feedback into the production of our Minimum Viable Product.

Interstate’s eureka moment was when Idorenyin Akpabio and his team had a proof of concept – their first customer paid money for one copy. “That was when we knew that we had a good product.”


Having an idea is just one thing, but executing is another and this case, to produce the Interstate Board game. To make sure the game is given proper finishing Aideeology Games works with a reliable production company in Nigeria, called Nibcard Games. “They’re very professional, and their products are made of very high-quality materials and standards, comparable to what’s obtainable anywhere overseas. We’re happy to work with them and we highly recommend them to anyone. We create and design, they produce, then we ship and fulfil orders.”


The ultimate goal for every venture or product is growth and expansion, and that is the dream of Idorenyin Akpabio and his team for the Interstate Boardgame. They say they are open to working with other companies and organizations, as the TY Danjuma Foundation has indicated an interest in their board game.

“We have just partnered with the TY Danjuma Foundation to donate Interstate Boardgames to schools under their intervention programme in Nigeria. We’re elated because this will help enhance the quality of education in Nigerian schools. We’re looking forward to other such partnerships soon.”


Interstate Board Game is not just a game, but a valuable educational tool, which helps in the cognitive and behavioural development of kids and teens, thereby enhancing their human physical interaction. As a matter of fact, in schools that have adopted Interstate, it’s currently the only game kids are allowed to play in class.

The board game is now available for sale in all Shoprite Stores nationwide.

Written by Prince Simeon

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