Hair Care; 10 Tips for a Regular Wash

My naturalista friend who is also a hair consultant shared a story with me; she had accompanied two other naturalistas to a saloon for a regular wash.  The stylist applied shampoo to one of the girls’ hair and immediately, she started yanking the wet hair with a comb and my friend even had no option than to run away because she didn’t want to interfere with the hair stylists’ job.

Now, let me tell you why she ran away. There are certain hazards we do with our hair that leads to hair loss and shedding and I have few tips for proper care for both natural and relaxed hair.

  • Use a sulphate free shampoo or better still opt for a DIY shampoo (mixture of Dudu Osun, honey and olive oil).
  • Never comb your hair when its wet because it will lead to hair breakage.
  • Dry your hair with an old t-shirt and not a towel so as to prevent pulling the hairs.
  • Ensure to detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb.
  • If you have to rush out after washing the hair, then, divide the hair into sections and comb gently before plaiting big braids with the hair to dry it.
  • Avoid exposing the hair to artificial heat, let it dry naturally at its pace.
  • While washing the hair, gently scrub the root of the hair to get rid of products residue.
  • Ensure to wash your hair at least twice a month except you carry a protective style often.
  • Rather than squeezing the hair to get rid of water, whip it back and forth or use your hand to stroke it in different directions.


You need to understand that no one will be able to take care of your hair like you will, so do well to have some hair maintenance products like a sulphate free shampoo, wide- toothed comb, a t-shirt and never feel guilty of pampering your hair.


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