Global Air Media Collaborates with US Consulate Lagos & The Root Hub for Drone Workshop in Uyo


American based Drone Company, Global Air Media in collaboration with the US Consulate General Lagos and The Root Hub will host the first ever ‘Akwa Ibom Drone Week’ in Uyo the State Capital.

According to a press release by Eno Umoh, Co-founder Global Air Media, the workshop will be an engaging insight into the world of Drones considering how technology in the 21st century has changed humanity in different ways. It has contributed a lot to the different alternatives to make life easier and more fun. Drone is one of the offspring technology has blessed humanity with.

“Drone is an aircraft without a human pilot on board and this piece of technology is being used in different sectors of life including Arts, Army, Architecture, Agriculture, etc to fast track their activities.”

“The growth of technology in Akwa Ibom State has been on a high speed as lots of programs, events seminars, have been held. It is on this note that we invite you to ‘Drone Week in Akwa Ibom State’ which will be a series of trainings, workshops, and events organized by the Global Air Drone Academy and sponsored by the U.S. Consulate General, Lagos.”

Global Air Media, who will lead an informative discussion into how drones can be used to solve some of Agriculture’s biggest challenges. Drone for Agric workshop is slated for 3rd to 4th of July, 2019 at The Roothub, AKEES plaza, IBB Avenue, Uyo by 3pm-5pm

The use of Drones has great potential to support and address some of the most pressing challenges facing Agriculture in terms of access to actionable, and real-time quality data to help increase crop production and monitor crop growth.

This workshop which is for those in the Agriculture value chain, is set to show how drone powered technology is one of the most phenomenal movement innovations in agriculture.

This programme is open to university students and adults, Government officials, entrepreneurs, and business leaders interested in utilizing drone technology in their respective industries.

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