Fight of the Century! Floyd Mayweather Defeats Manny Pacquiao


Floyd Mayweather

The most anticipated boxing bouts in recent times has come and gone with Floyd Mayweather defeating Manny Pacquiao on points in their welterweight showdown in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Though their scores were close, as both boxers scored above 100 points by all judges, with Mayweather scoring 116-112 on two cards and 118-110 on the third.

The American remains undefeated after 48 professional bouts in his 18 years career. He is now the WBC, WBA and WBO welterweight champion.

Pacquiao said after the fight he thought he had won it but not many observers agreed, Floyd “didn’t do nothing”, “just moving around”.

Famous film and sports stars assembled around the ring at the MGM Grand Garden Arena to watch a matchup that will be debated and remembered for years to come.

Mayweather is the highest-earning sportsman in the world.


Mayweather - Champ


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