Female Facebook User Writes Open Letter to DG, NYSC and Federal Government

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In a heartfelt open letter, a young female Nigerian lady Facebook pours out her heart to the Director General of the National Youth Service Corp and the Federal Government, following the many challenges arising due to the delay in their being mobilization to camp and lack of any information form authorities.
The letter reads thus:


The wisest man that ever lived, Solomon, wrote, “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he would not depart from it”. It has become a struggle for us as young school leavers and youths as we learn and try not to depart from the foundation and principles that makes and binds us as a nation. One of which is integration masterminded and its frontier is the National Youth Service Corps. Kudos to our leaders that brought this wonderful programme into this great nation.


I believe in Nigeria, our great country, we have been trained for the nation and we expect to reach out to lives through your platform ( Nysc). Though it has been delayed, we trust it should no longer be delayed as it affects us and the societal values. Quite alright we were told we were to commence this January but it’s getting to mid January and we are yet to get feedbacks. Many of us has to quit our jobs to ensure we get involved in this scheme while some had rejected job offers because they are expectant of the call this January. we trust you have us in mind; though delay is not denial, yet, delay defeats equity.Please sir, we need updates as for when we shall report to camp so we can plan our futures and prevent poor performance.


Our parents and relatives are beginning to think we didn’t attend school especially as some of our mate are already serving.


As the saying goes, “an idle mind is the devils workshop”. We are trying not to be the tools of the devil but as a father you know better when a string is stretched past its elastic limits. Let’s try and reduce the rate of people that are idle in the nation as we think this would foster peace and economic growth in the country.


Dear Federal Government we understand the economic situation the nation is facing but please remember we are the future of this nation and we would neither let you nor our fathers down.#CHANGE BEGINS WITH US#.


We use this medium to call on the attention of our amiable President to listen to the cries and plight of his children as we look forward to be called upon a week time.


Best regards;
NYSC 2016 Batch B Stream 2


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