Factors to Consider When Picking Your Wedding Reception Venue

Would love you a perfect wedding? If I inquired, am sure most persons will answer on the affirmative. It is every couple’s dream to have that perfect event. But very few know this; you cannot have that prepossessing event without a suitable venue. Choosing a venue for the celebration of your big day isn’t just about the availability of cash or having the venue free for use by you on that day.

What can make the venue of your choice suitable?  Stress your mind no further. Hypestation and Zafhire Decor & Events has got you covered. Let’s walk you through a few mind transforming tips.



We assume like most people that you have a mental picture of what you want your dream day should look like. So ask yourself- can my decorator bring my dream to life at this venue? Has it got enough headroom? How spacious is it?  How neat is the convenience? Will it blow over my decor budget? Keep an open mind as you answer these questions. They will definitely guide you to a brilliant choice. Moreso, get real insight into this aspect, get a decorator to join you check the hall.


Seat Capacity

You have sent out invites, again we assume. So you can give a snap estimate of guests. Which of the venues on the card will sit that number comfortably? Remember it is your job to make your guests as comfortable as possible. This won’t mean you will not have extras, but having a number in mind will help you know your choice of venue to avoid congestion and work around your budget.That vital responsibility should not be lost on you as you pick a venue. If you make a bad choice, your options will be limited on that date with history.



The feeling and mood the venue gives to your guest, its seating arrangement are important considerations to note. This is a vital take home point. A Large venue should not be a priority if you won’t be able to utilize it. Every perfect wedding is testament to the synergy that exist between everyone entrusted with a responsibility. Can this venue aid my compere and the sound department to communicate seamlessly? Will the room echo level leave you with a poor sound quality, causing the Master of Ceremony to have a hard time using the mic and you will end up blaming the disc jockey and his equipment? Will my event planner have a hard time directing ushers and others under his purview? If I choose not have a buffet, can food move around to my adorable guests on time and with less distractions? A suitable venue can promote synergy or stifle it. Don’t forget this.



Nothing good comes easy. This is a truism. A suitable venue will cost you money. This is because most of your concerns are taken care of at a properly built venue. The advantage just highlighted will take more money away from you. But don’t be downhearted, they are many budget friendly locations that could still generate the magic you have in mind. Strike a balance, the budget for venue should reflect your overall budget. Remember you must allocate resources proportionately.

Also, note that you need to start the search for your reception venue ahead of time to book that desired hall you can afford.


Parking Space

An undesirable sight at most weddings is when the road leading to a venue is impassable due to parked vehicles if you are anticipating a large number of guest to avoid traffic obstruction around the vicinity.

The venue you settle for must have a parking lot to add to the beauty of your event. What happens outside has a bearing on what happens inside. How it affects proceedings is up to you. Work hard for the positive affect.



Avoid extremities on this one. You must choose a spot that can be accessed easily by your guests. The drive down there must be seamless. Some may not have this in mind, but trust me, some of your guests may feel reluctant attending your wedding party because the church is a long distance away, even with car owners.

Again, this may not work well for your friends, colleagues who came from outside town to celebrate with you on your big day. Proximity is key to a memorable experience.

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Written by Prince Simeon

Goldenchyld is the Head Publicist and Blogger at Hypestation Nigeria. He has interest that cuts across lifestle, tech, music and other things that affect everyday living. Follow him on Twitter @goldenchylduno and @goldenchyld_ on Instagram


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