Fabric Enterprise Mobility Company Trains Drivers in Uyo

Fabric Enterprise Mobility Company, Nigeria’s dedicated mobility partner and a newly launched subsidiary of the Amaecom Group, has ended a two-day professional training and induction ceremony for her professional drivers in Uyo.

The training, which was held at the ICT Hall of Mitchell and Mitchelle Business School, Amaecom Complex, Uyo, left participants with a renewed commitment to Fabric’s mission of providing the most responsive, customer-focused, technology-driven haulage system and flexible transportation solutions to exceed clients’ expectation.

The event featured the presentation of the new management team of Fabric Logistics/Regional segmentation to ease operational delivery and lectures on Vehicle Operation Procedures and Maintenance, Road Worthiness, Road and Driving Safety, Prohibited and Contraband Items and Security Brief on the safety of vehicles and goods.

Chairman of Amaecom Group, Dr. Marcel Ofomata
Chairman of Amaecom Group, Dr. Marcel Ofomata

Speaking at the event, the Chairman of Amaecom Group, Dr. Marcel Ofomata, said drivers play a major role in the logistics sector which has contributed approximately eleven percent growth to Nigeria’s economy. He added that with constant training of its workforce, Fabric Enterprise Mobility will offer superior warehousing and logistics management infrastructure to her partners in line with the world’s best practices. He added that the logistics firm will leverage on the operational structure of Amaecom and her network while being disposed to offer top-notch services to other partners.

Powered by a Mobility Network Technology, Fabric Logistics remains unwavering in her mission to provide the best road freight and transportation management services for the logistics sector with automatic tracking system for vehicles and goods to guarantee the safety of stakeholders’ investment.

Fabric Mobility provides a robust warehousing infrastructure in over 30 branches strategically located across the thirty-six state, with an extensive fleet of vehicles and experienced team of drivers for local, regional and national logistics as well as windows for air and waterways courier/shipping services.

The company has an available infrastructure for door-to-door delivery nationwide coupled with real-time visibility for goods in transit to ensure transparency and confidence in operations. The training was preceded by a carnival float of the Company in major cities in Nigeria including Lagos and Uyo.

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Written by Prince Simeon

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