Exclusive: Why Chinese Authorities Launched Crackdown on Nigerians in China


The Nigerian Twitter space on Wednesday was awash with conversations with the trend #ChinaMustExplain following series of videos online showing some Nigerians being kicked of hotels and home apartments and exposed to inhumane conditions.

According to our investigations, the Chinese took the decision mainly because a Nigerian man identified as Okonkwonwoye Chika Patrick, was tested positive of coronavirus in the country’s Guangzhou province and he tried to escape from the hospital and when they tried to stop him, but e bit the nurse on the face and beat her up.

The 47-year-old man had arrived in Guangzhou on March 20 and was put into isolation after testing positive for the Covid-19 virus and was sent into isolation, reports a Shanghai online news platform.

“The people in the video recently arrived Guanzhou for business but because one of them tested positive, all of them have been denied access to a hotel. This is because the Chinese take covid-19 very seriously, as they typically close down any place that a covid 19 patient is discovered, the hotel where the positive Nigerian lodged has already been closed down for deep disinfection, so no other hotel wants to take that risk by accepting another African. More so, people don’t understand that the Chinese are quite very conservative and even discriminate against other Chinese who come from Wuhan, talk less of foreigners”, said a member of the Nigerians In Diaspora Organization (NIDO), China who spoke to us as anonymous.

“Our organization has been in contact with them and their plight has been made known to the Nigerian Embassy, measures are being put in place to resolve these problems”, he concluded.




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