Exceptional Deliveries, Catchy Beats & Sonic Experience as Ogiver Drops Vibez ‘n’ Versez EP



After a long wait, Nigerian music act, Ogiver has finally released his EP, titled Vibez ‘n’ Versez.

OgiveR with real names Okiboit Nglass, says most of the songs on this EP were created at a point in my life where I was going through things that he couldn’t share with others.

“In the midst of all I was going through, I found strength in these songs, with the hopes that whoever listens to this EP can relate in one way or another, and find strength and joy in the lyrics, sound and all that makes this EP”, he said.

OgiveR smoothly laces this 5 tracker EP titled Vibez ‘n’ Versez with some of the finest producers from Southern Nigeria. They include Gbott, Maslee, 8Notes and Chef Beatz and Otyno.

Vibez ‘n’ Versez features exceptional deliveries, catchy beats and a clean sonic experience are what the project is all about. Each song having a story tied to it and a groove that can’t go unnoticed is worth applauding the young chap for.

Stream via the link – http://Streamlink.to/VIBEZNVERSEZ

Written by Prince Simeon

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