Ex-Banker Chinenye Effiong Speaks on Why She Quits her Job as a Branch Manager


The issue of financial freedom, passive income and job security continues to be a burden for many across the world and these have made them face various problems.

Mrs Chinenye James-Effiong, a ‘retired banker’ as she refers to herself as the ‘Pacesetter’, strongly believes that everyone, especially employees, should have an extra income source(s), a cause she helps people to create a viable one.

She worked in the banking sector for over 13years during which she served in several capacity and roles, namely relationship manager and a branch manager. Chinenye voluntarily resigned from banking on the 3rd of July 2019 – exactly one year now to being an entrepreneur and the Team Lead of The Pacesetters Club with over 45,000 members across the world.

In this interview, the mother of 3 gives reasons why she took the decision to quit her well-paying job to pursue full-time entrepreneurship.


When and what prompted you to pursue passive income/side business?

Well, I would say that it was the need to have a second stream of income. In 2015, while I was approaching 10 years on my banking career, It was clear that I’d been living a ‘rat-race’ for that length of time. Though I was well paid on my job, I was still practically living from pay-check to pay-check. Just as you know, salary is never enough (laughs). I knew I had to get a second stream of income to augment my salary. This I would say, was the main drive to pursue and embrace entrepreneurship to build passive income or my plan B as I like to call it

Also, I saw a lot of volatility in the banking industry. People lost their jobs randomly and I knew there was little or no job security in that space. So I decided I needed to have options so I can have the leverage to determine if I was really doing a job I loved or was doing it out of compulsion because I had no option. That need to apply my “freedom to choose” also drove me to find a side business I could build part-time

But knowing that my job was time-consuming and demanding I needed to find the kind of business that would give me the flexibility to build without interference with my job, or without needing my physical presence.

Let me mention here that I had no prior experience in Multi-level marketing, in fact, I had a negative impression about the industry before then, but after I did my personal research about the MLM industry and the said brand, I was more convinced more than ever that it was the best fit for my part-time entrepreneurial journey


What were your challenges as a part-time entrepreneur and how were you able to overcome them?

Ahhhh, this is a very interesting question I must say. I can tell you that it wasn’t easy combining a job with a side business at all. I had to deal with a lot.

First and majorly was TIME. I was already busy with a job. So I had to sit back and ask myself what I really wanted. I knew I needed to buy my time back, so I had to make some sacrifices. I cut off a lot of things I used to do with my “spare time”, I cut off TV time, me time, visit time etc and focused on using every little time I found outside my job to build my new side business.

The advantage I had, however, is that Longrich provides a flexible platform to work at your own schedule. All I needed to do was to be consistent with that schedule I made for my side business. With focus and consistency and most importantly by the Grace of God, I was able to surmount those challenges and came out with full time, mind-blowing results during the over 3 years I did it as a part-time business


What has been your success story so far building your diversification?

Wow, I can say it’s been amazing starting from when I built this part-time, it’s been fulfilling. First was the fact that I started earning income outside my salary. This was my first success story. Though it started small with like N20k etc weekly, I knew I was on the right path to financial freedom, as I continued to build, it kept getting better until I started earning up to my monthly salary as my weekly bonus from my first 2 years, then it outgrew my salary subsequently and even doubled it and more.

Next, I started qualifying for all-expense-paid trips in my first 7 months of coming on board. It started with an all-expense-paid trip to the USA in 2016, then China, Dubai, Kenya, South Africa and other countries of the world, until I lost count of the slots of the all-expense-paid trip I had qualified for within my immediate family (my husband and children inclusive)

Next was the cars. I got my first brand new car (Hyundai Elantra 2016 model) in my 1st year of starting my side business. I got a second car qualification in my second year, our daughter also joined in the car qualification in that same year. Then we added 3 more car qualifications in our 3rd year making it 6 car qualifications within my family before I left the bank last year. We have also added 5 more cars in our 1 year of going full time as every member of my family all got cars including my Husband and 3 children during the 2019 car promo which ended in 2020.

While building this side business part-time, I grew to become a Star Director with Longrich, and this came with lots of amazing benefits including a scholarship slot for myself and our children

I birthed a team of achievers called the Pacesetters club and we have produced lots of achievers within the team who have gotten all these benefits I have mentioned too within a short space of coming on board. This I would say is the most significant milestone achievement of my entrepreneurial journey



What advice do you have workers who want to venture into entrepreneurship part-time?

JUST DO IT. That’s what I’d say to everyone who is thinking about it. The best time to flex your entrepreneurial muscle is when you are employed. You have the opportunity to start gradually, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and build something you can fall back on. I would also advise them to join the Longrich platform. It helped me, and it can help everyone too because of its flexibility


Do you really have to quit your job to become an entrepreneur?

NO YOU DON’T. I was able to build this business part-time for over 3 years, and it didn’t interfere with my job. I didn’t just wake up and quit my job. It took years of a careful exit plan, and I only quit because I had put everything in place and I wanted to. It is possible to build entrepreneurship part-time. This business provides a flexible platform for that. I always get this question, and I say to people, no, you can do it part-time if you choose. The important thing is that you have options. Nothing is as powerful as having options.


What tips helped you build a part-time business?

Treat it like a job. Give your part-time business serious attention. Be strict about your part-time work schedule. I gave my business same priority attention I gave my job and this was my major success factor

Be focused and consistent. I made these two my watchwords. Be deaf to naysayers. Don’t spend your income from your side business extravagantly, save and sweat it to multiply. Remember, the core goal is financial freedom, so learn financial intelligence


What was your motivation throughout your part-time entrepreneurial journey?

My big WHY kept me going. My ‘Why’ was my motivation . That burning desire to achieve my WHY which I stated earlier. Creating an income line for our children. Giving them a better life and a better future. My Why was strong enough to drive me throughout the journey, through the challenges and I can say I am fulfilled I made that decision


What has been your biggest achievement so far in the network marketing career?

The birth of Pacesetters Club, my team. The team which began with just myself and my family now recording over 45,000 people from all around the world, from different professions and businesses, all with a common goal of providing a better life and a better future for ourselves and people around us using the platform as our vehicle for wealth creation. The achievements recorded by the Pacesetters club has been my greatest achievement and the opportunity to affect lives has been my greatest fulfilment on this journey.


What are the things you now enjoy doing since going 100% entrepreneurial?

Yaaayyyy! A lot! Time freedom is invaluable.  It has afforded me the luxury and comfort of working from home

I’ve enjoyed family bonding and spending invaluable memories of major milestones with my husband and children. I’ve travelled to several countries of the world on business and fun tours.

I’ve touched base more with my team –The Pacesetters Club. I’ve made many more friends along my journey of sharing the amazing investment opportunity with people.

Ultimately, I have experienced that deep fulfilment that comes from affecting lives and doing what you love.


What was the principal reason that prompted the decision you made to quit your job at the banking industry?

It was just TIME to go pursue my dreams. I knew my time on that phase of my life was done. It wasn’t an easy decision for us as a family to make. All thanks to my husband for letting us make the decision and for giving me the wings to fly, to also share and teach people how they too can create a second stream of income irrespective of what they currently do for a living to live life at my own terms.


When is the best time to activate a plan B?

The best time to activate your Plan B is NOW. While you have your job or primary business, now is the best time to start your journey. I advise everyone to start NOW. Longrich Bioscience Int’l has been a rock-solid platform for me and family. I found the blueprint and amazingly, I’d be launching my website; www.chinnyeffiong.com and YouTube Channel; Chinny Effiong to help individuals find their footings on this exciting reality.


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