EC Global Limited Launches Brando Coin Cryptocurrency in Akwa Ibom


An Akwa Ibom-based e-Commerce company, E.C. Global Limited, has launched a new product, a cryptocurrency known as the Brando Coin.

The Chief Executive Officer of E.C. Global Ltd, Mr Ubong Brownson announced on Wednesday during a press briefing with a cross-section of the media at its office complex in Uyo, the State capital.

Mr Ubong Brownson

Mr Brownson said that the availability of Brando Coin and an Exchange Service to the public would go a long way in increasing the efforts of those doing business with cryptocurrency.

He said, “we want to open an exchange, just like Binance or Blockchain, a place where you can save your money.

“With your account, you can buy any coin of your choice. With that App, you can swap the coin to any coin you want, from Bitcoin to Ethereum or Litecoin”.

“What we are trying to do is to also partner with some online banks so that if you want to do BTC withdrawal, you can still do your direct withdrawals and cash out your money with such banks”.


He said: “We have given the coin enough utility. We have a solid plan on the ground that will help the coin to become one of the outstanding coins in the market.”

“We have the crowd to make it happen. We have an existing business already that can always influence the coin positively anytime you want the coin to appreciate.

“Our coin will not just end with coins business alone, we are going to bring it down. After three months, what we are planning to do is to have a (petrol) filling station where you can use the coin to buy fuel.

“We are also working on ATM (automated teller machine) card. If you have our coin, you can use your ATM card and buy anything you want from any supermarket, as far as you have Brando Coin in your wallet”.


The new currency will be available to the public for download from Friday, July 9, 2021, as EC Global would commence the pre-selling of the Brando Coin and the process would last for 60 days.

After the preselling, the company plans to make the coin be listed with all the top exchanges in the market such as Binance, and others, so that traders would start trading with the coin and for investors to make money out of it.


Written by Prince Simeon

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