Covid19 Lockdown: Police Officer in Akwa Ibom Assaults Doctor, Leaves him with Fractured Forearm

Dr. David Daniel

The recently ordered Statewide lockdown by the Akwa Ibom governor State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel seems to be taking a different turn as a Police officer in Uyo, the State capital has reportedly assaulted a medical doctor and left him with a fractured forearm.

According to a statement given to the Police by doctor David Daniel, the Chief Resident in the department of surgery at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH), just 45 mins into the lockdown time (5 pm, Friday, April 3, 2020), he was on his way to the hospital with his pregnant wife when he got stopped by Sergeant Alexander Edidiong.

The report reads in part:

“I explained to him that I am a doctor and that his colleague had just passed me after seeing my Identity card. he said he will not allow me to pass. Even after showing him my ID card, he still refused me passage. I got into my car and closed the door and while the officer was trying to disperse people, he hit my bonnet two times with a big stick, causing a dent on it.”

Dr. David at the scene of the incident

“I got down from my car and asked him not to hit my bonnet again and he did it 3 more times with the stick. I got in front of the car and told him to stop hitting the car. He then stepped back and hit me in the left wrist resulting in a fracture, leaving me with a swollen deformed forearm.”

This incident has left medical personnel in the State in fear and to doubt their possibility of going to work without being harassed or killed mistakenly. The doctors have also vowed to embark on strike if justice is not served on the matter.

According to our reporter, it is also gathered from Dr. Daniel that this is the second time he is being assaulted by the Police in Akwa Ibom. The first incident occurred in August 2018 when they wrecked his car.

He says:

“They stopped me about 11pm on my way to respond to an emergency, asked me to come down which I did, I identified myself and told them I was called at the hospital. They insisted on searching my car and I obliged. They then requested for my car particulars. I asked the officer to show an ID because they were wearing jeans and T-shirt with no means of identification and used an unmarked vehicle. They said I was not cooperative and took me to C-Division Ikot Akpan Abia where they locked me up with about 20 other people in a cell. One of the police officers drove my car (a BMW 3 series)into a bad Rocky spot at the entrance, damaging the gear box.”


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