ConstitutionLab Flags Off Forum in Lagos to Educate Citizens on the Constitution of Nigeria

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The Nigerian Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land, however, many do not have a working knowledge of the Constitution which has provided a leeway for manipulation to favour a few as against the masses.

The Constitution Forum is one of the strategies by ConstitutionLab to provide Nigerians with a working knowledge of the Constitution by providing a place where the Constitution is analyzed and discussed in line with present-day issues to work around solutions that could be derived from the forum.

Constitution Forum 1.0 took place on Friday 31st May 2019. It was organized by ConstitutionLab, web based platform that simplifies the constitution using technology, in partnership with Civic Hive.

Brownson Etimbuk-ConstitutionLab
Brownson Etimbuk

The event organizer and team lead of ConstitutionLab, Brownson Etimbuk informed the audience that ConstitutionLab is a Civic Tech solution to educate citizens on the Constitution of Nigeria, Laws, Acts and Policies of Government to enable active participation in governance.

The event had Barrister Busola Kolade and Barrister Timi Olagunju who are Constitutional Lawyers and Policy experts as speakers.

Speaking during the event, Mr Iyanuoluwa Bolarinwa, Manager, Civic Hive, stated that Civic Hive is a civic tech nest where technological solutions to civic and governance issues are incubated, helping existing CSOs and providing an ecosystem where civic tech solutions can thrive. Civic Hive is a brainchild of BudgIT Foundation.

Barrister Busola traced the historical development of the Nigerian Constitution to the pre-Independence and post-Independence era. The present 1999 Constitution was majorly an adaptation of the 1979 Constitution by a committee headed by Justice Niki Tobi. She referred to the Constitution as a “tokunbo” Constitution that has been both a blessing and a curse to democracy in Nigeria and called for a total overhaul of the Constitution.

Barrister Timi Olagunju pointed out that ignorance by the masses on the powers of the Constitution is a serious problem that should be addressed by solutions like the one being offered by ConstitutionLab. He also addressed the issue of revenue allocation as enshrined in the Constitution as being faulty as well as the need to reduce the cost of governance through the operation of a unicameral legislature.

Members of the audience gave their opinion of the Nigerian Constitution and signed up to be trained as Constitution Champions to take the knowledge to the masses because governance is the concern of all citizens.

The Constitution Forum will be held in various States of the Federation and tertiary Institutions to educate Nigerians on the Constitution in addition to the tech platform.

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The event had in attendance members of the Lagos State Youth Parliament, civil society organizations, Tertiary Institutions and entrepreneurs.


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