CodeKago Interactive, the Emerging Tech Company from Nigeria’s Oil-rich Niger Delta

The new team

Young, vibrant and cosmopolitan is the team behind the technology brand, Codekago Interactive. The emerging Tech Company from Nigeria’s Oil-rich Niger Delta dates back to 2015 when it all started, when two friends who were schoolmates, Uduak Umoatan and Samuel Ogu came together to forge their own dreams; building a tech coy to serve the needs of many.

Team Codekago Interactive in the beginning. (from extreme right; Uduak Umoatan and Samuel Ogu)

They started off operations in 2015 when they set up a shop with just a table space at Akwa Ibom’s first business hub and accelerator systems, The Root Hub. After 3 years of consistent work, ‘the ministry’ had to grow, they moved into a much bigger space to accommodate more staff and expand on its tech service line.

Prior to this, Codekago Interactive used a small office which accommodated only 3 tables and a few chairs at the Hub. Its new work space; too simple, but tastefully furnished apartments is one that breathes freshness and carries some spark of creativity to inspire its youth-based workforce of developers, graphic designers, content creators and video editors to mention but a few.

The new Codekago Interactive work space

The brand is fast taking its space in the civil service State of Akwa Ibom and the oil-rich Niger-Delta as a tech coy to reckon with in the region as it continues to recruit the best hands for effective service delivery.

Codekago’s clientele ranges from blue-chip companies to Governments, even outside the shores of Nigeria. To equally ensure that there is adequate manpower in Nigeria’s ever growing tech ecosystem, they also introduced a training program on holidays for young kids between the ages 6-17.

Participants at the Codekago Interactive Kids Boot Summer Camp

For them, their choice of tech in business stems from the quest for creativity and innovation, and to a large extent it has shaped and is still shaping the outlook of our society, impact many lives and the society at large.

Just like every other startup and entrepreneurs, Codekago have faced their own challenge and one of such is putting together the right team.This is not just unique to the Niger Delta where they are based, but peculiar to other businesses founders in different parts of Nigeria.

“We weren’t just looking for people who can do the job, we were particular in finding those who would understand our crazy vision, imbibe it into their creative system and churn out great platforms that deliver results to our clients and community”, says Samuel Ogu.

The process

As regards breaking new grounds, right now, conversations around technology have shifted from smart gadgets and digital products to virtual reality and artificial intelligence and Mars. This shifting conversations point to the evolving needs of the global community, thus, the only way any technology company can stay relevant in these times is to stay ahead of the evolving needs of its community. And that is what we are trying to do at Codekago Interactive, staying ahead of the needs of our community. That way, breaking new grounds doesn’t feel like a forced adventure, it simply is a natural occurrence stemming from deliberate creative choices” Sam adds.

The future for Codekago Interactive is to become globally relevant in terms of impact, and to keep evolving till there is no place further to evolve to.


Written by Prince Simeon

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