China to Allow Couples have More than 2 Children


In a bid to tackle declining birth rates, rapidly ageing population and avoid a population crisis, the Communist Party in China has put an end to its 2 Child Policy, saying that it would now allow couples to have up to 3 children. 

The move, approved by President Xi Jinping at a meeting of top Communist Party officials, attempts to tackle a decline in birth rates revealed by census data. According to the Xinhua News Agency, this new development would come with “supportive measures, which will be conducive to improving our country’s population structure, fulfilling the country’s strategy of actively coping with an ageing population and maintaining the advantage, endowment of human resources.”

A fall in the birth rate in China has been attributed to factors such as the high cost of education, long working hours and a traditional social preference for boys, rather than girls. Although the one-child policy has been relaxed for a few years, it did not bring the desired baby boom.

This would be the country’s latest attempt following the end of the earlier decades-old one-child policy in 2016.

Written by Ambagain Inyambe

Ambagain is an intern and a freelance writer at hypestation. To him, writing is one of the many forms of expression available. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram on @iiambagain


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