Can Lucas Torreira become Arsenal’s Ngolo Kante?

Lucas Torreira Vs Ngolo Kante. Sounds like a lame comparison but indeed its potential will be one Arsenal will wish to reap after slipping out on Kante two years back.

In 2016, Arsenal under Arsene Wenger had the chance to sign the French international but let the deal pass under their nose like they’ve left many others in the Wenger era.

Two Premier League titles, an FA Cup and a World Cup in three years has been the achievement of Kante in the Premier since Arsenal passed by that golden opportunity which has seen Leicester and Chelsea reap its dividends.

Who didn’t watch kante shining in blue for France. If you didn’t, then you must have seen him in the same shirt colour for Leicester City and Conte’s Chelsea; making tackles, interceptions, runs and sending passes  tidily from the back, Kante ‘s performance is one any Manager will rarely fault except his last against Croatia in Russia.

“Torreira also provided some memorable moments that hinted at the qualities he will bring to the Arsenal midfield. In one snapshot that proved popular on social media, in the last-16 win over Portugal he hurled his torso into Cristiano Ronaldo to knock him to the ground. In the same game, he headed a ball that was on the floor, chucking his face in the way of a moving boot, putting every part of his body on the line. In the quarter-final defeat to France, he even gave a passable impression of the man opposite him, Kante.” Tom Adam perfectly expressed on his  KweseESPN’s football column.

He might have not as well been in contention to be named the best player at the World Cup, as Kante surely was but can Lucas Torreira show he can be much more than Granit Xhaka going forward and Ngolo Kante holding play?

Well, he’ll have to show more promise by first replacing Xhaka who’s strength is in the sought of penetrative passes he provides for those upfront.

And the best way, will be by adding Kante’s other abilities mentioned earlier. When that happens, Xhaka might just become another name that comes off the bench at Arsenal.

But then, here’s what Arsenal.com’s Andrew Dowdeswell has to say:

Lucas Torreira “was crucially granted much responsibility in terms of dictating his team’s possession phases, so he’s very accustomed to running an offense and constructing moves out from the back. Astute with his movement, the burly destroyer uses this to smartly manufacture pivotal overloads in varying areas of the pitch, something that will hugely benefit the Gunners when strategically playing out from the back to generate advantageous numerical superiorities.”


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