Bomb Blast Survivor at Akwa Ibom INEC Office, Pastor Idy James Shares Experience

Pastor Idy James

Idy James, a survivor of the bomb blast which occurred at the INEC office in Mkpat Eni Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State has shared his experience on how the incidence happened and how everyone on ground ran for safety into nearby bushes.

The ace broadcaster and pastor says he was drafted into the new list of Collation and Returning Officers and was posted to Mkpat Enin to handle collation for Ikpa Ikono 1, Ward 12.

He said;

“All results collated and LG collation was on the final lap. At about 1.30AM (not really sure), when I and other collation officers, corps members among others, had barely finished constructing emergency camp beds to catch a nap when we were taken by surprise. A bomb blast. These left us in a temporary shock. Everyone scampered for safety in the nearby Bushes.  God, through the combined team of Security men, did a marvellous job of ensuring we were safe. This they did by providing not just security throughout the night but by bringing us safely to Uyo.”

“I knew the politics was heated but I never thought brothers could degenerate to the point of throwing a dynamite into a building occupied by fellow brothers and sisters”. He added.

“While praying for the mercies of God upon the perpetrators of this unholy act, I pray that Akwa Ibom State never falls into such Bermuda Triangle, not now, not in my generation and not till Jesus returns. My heart goes out to those who, in the course of the blast got injured and are still traumatized.”

Written by Prince Simeon

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