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Attend a 2-Day Free Seminar in Uyo to Unlock a New Stream of Income with Resolution Tech App


Resolution Technologies app is presenting a smart new way to making passive income, unlocking a new stream of income for Nigerians in 2020 to escape from the biting hardship at a 2-day free seminar in Uyo.

Resolution Technologies app is an online merchant that offers users convenience while creating access to wealth making opportunities via their smartphones or using their PC to purchase airtime or pay Utility Bills and more.

With the platform, you can get affordable data plans for surfing the internet with 10-40% off your normal subscription fee. You can also become an authorized dealer with Resolution Tech App and earn income using your smartphone.

Learn more and how to unlock this new stream of income with the Resolution Tech App at the Uyo Mega Seminar on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th January 2020 by 10 am at Ibom E- Library.


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