All You Need to Know about Flutterwave, the best online payment Gateway in Nigeria

And, if you’ve ever wondered which online payment gateway is the best in Nigeria, here’s everything you need to know.

Flutterwave makes it easier for banks and businesses to process online payment across Africa. Another good thing about Flutterwave is that it allows payment through local currency. It takes the burden from businesses by integrating banks and payment service providers into its platform.

People used to get scared of carrying out an online transaction with card payment because of the possibility of getting hacked but Flutterwave has been able to prove to Nigerians that they are trusted payments partner in Nigeria.

You can easily build your business with Flutterwave because they have modern products to offer. Products like; Rave, Fly, and Barter.

Rave is one of Flutterwave’s products that allows website owners to accept debit/credit payments from customers in a lot of countries. It supports MasterCard, Visa, and Verve.

Barter helps people manage their finance. You can enjoy life without having physical cash on you. With Barter, you can make a mobile payment or electronic fund transfer using barter. It helps in so many financial services.

Flutterwave offers a complete payment solution to thrive in the global economy. Flutterwave has achieved a lot. They have changed the way global payment is being done. They have built more global solutions and also bring in a lot of countries into the digital economy. They also have the best technology that helps in solving a lot of online payment problems.

With Flutterwave, its easy to take care of all your payment processing needs. That’s why a lot of businesses like (Uber, booking.com, Oja Express) uses Flutterwave.

So if you are searching for the complete payment solution to thrive in the global economy. Flutterwave is all you need.


By Otuekong Nkwa (@otuky)

HNGi6 Intern


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