Akwa Ibom Baker, Bonero Bassey Beats Law of Gravity with Hanging Cake


One of Akwa Ibom’s finest baker Unyime Bassey of Bonero Cakes, took the biggest risk of his career, beating the law of gravity as he made a four-tier upside down hanging cake at a wedding ceremony.

Bonero Bassey who is the convener of CakeMania on 1st November 2020 wowed his clients and audience at a wedding in Uyo after he made the upside-down hanging cake which he had earlier sketched on his Facebook page.

He goes against the law of gravity that says ‘Whatsoever goes up must come down’, as Bonero’s upside-down wedding cake remained up all through the wedding ceremony without crashing.

How far would you want to go for your wedding? Would you love an upside-down hanging cake at your wedding?



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