After Mayor Otu’s 5k Retweets, Sterling Bank is Providing Clean Water for Katempe Community

Some of the chieftains of Katampe and the contractor from Sterling Bank

The dream of a documentary photographer, Mayor Otu to get clean water for the Ruga Katampe community in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja has come to a realisation.

Recall that during one of his trips to the city, Mayor decided to document the life of the people living in Katampe tagging it “Water of Katampe”, his storytelling through pictures to draw some attention to the plight of the people who have a poor water source that feeds the people and their livestock.

After posting the pictures on his Instagram account, an international agency, Water Aid commented, describing the photos as haunting and declared interest to help the community get clean water, decent toilets and sanitation.

a little girl with a bottle of brown-coloured water which is drunk by both the people and livestock

While waiting for the organisation, something which would be dismissed by others became the icing on the cake! A tweet by Sterling Bank said “Sco pa tu manaa?” (a popular buzz phrase trending on Twitter which means “What does this trend remind you of?”).

Mayor replied saying “If I had 500k, I would have fixed a borehole in Ruga Katampe and give these people clean drinking water. How many RTs to get @Sterling_Bankng to give Ruga Katampe a borehole?”


“Divide 500k by 100 and we are making that borehole happen. Deal?” was the response from the bank to make this happen. The rest they say is history as the 12,700 retweets were gotten against that 5,000 initially required, thanks to people of goodwill who showed supports.


However, Sterling Bank kept to their words and on Saturday, they moved the contractor to the site where they will build the borehole for the Katampe community.

The contractor at work for the borehole project

This indeed shows the power of photography for social good and how our collective efforts can create a great impact while using social media effectively can be a powerful tool used to change lives.



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