7 Reasons Why Akwa Ibom is a Great Location for Nollywood Productions


In the past 8 years, Akwa Ibom State has made the news on the regular, especially during the ‘uncommon transformation’ regime of its former governor and now Senator, Dr. Godswill Akpabio, who brought the state under spotlight.

Well, beyond the politics the state has huge potentials and this also includes human resources, a very vital aspect for the development of any growing city. Like Lagos, Enugu, Asaba and other cities across Nigeria that are known as Nollywood movie production hubs, Uyo equally has untapped potentials for this.

Below are 7 reasons why Hypestation Nigeria feels Akwa Ibom, Nigeria’s fastest growing Southern State is suitable and the next hub for Nollywood productions.


Traffic/Good Road Networks

One major setback in movie productions; moving cast and equipment across various locations is the free flow of traffic. This is one issue film producers in other cities face and this can cause loss of money and extension in production time, as initial budget could be exceeded. Akwa Ibom has good road networks easy to navigate around.


Choice Locations

As a fast-growing city, Uyo and its neighbouring towns of Ikot Ekpene (4 points by Sheraton), Eket, Ikot Abasi (Alscon Estate, The Slave Market, Oron (Musuem beach), Abak (Tilapia Island) et al have great sights.



Akwa Ibom being the next hub, has a teaming population of young and engaging men and women that the industry needs willing to contribute physically and mentally to make the industry movie a tremendous success.



Akwa Ibom is renowned for its hospitality; the people are friendly, receptive and accommodating, especially to visitors. And that leads to the rich yummy delicacies and anyone who visits Akwa Ibom state already knows that he/she is in for food adventure.

Soups likes Edikan Ikong ,Afia Efere, Efere Abak, Efere Afang etc and not forgetting the Ekpang Nkwukwo which is one of the Nigeria’s best meals can only be tasted in Akwa Ibom State.



Movie production requires collective effort of the Producers, directors, script writers, actors/actresses, makeup artists e.t.c All these people can only bring out the best in them when they are FOCUSED and RELAXED. Focus and relaxation are foremost in this case as no movie production crew would be focused if they know the area for shooting is a major crime zone. Uyo is urbanised no doubt, but the crime level across the state cannot be compared to that of other cities like Lagos and Port Harcourt, as cases of kidnapping and assassination have been curbed effectively.



Though it can be included among the list of urbanised towns in Nigeria, Uyo does not have some qualities of an urban centre, emphasis is laid on the “hustle and bustle” of city life…the town is calm, fairly populated and relatively peaceful. With lots of potential areas that would prove favorable for movie production.



Uyo is blessed with youngsters who have a penchant for the theatre arts. The likes of Ini Edo, Nse Ikpe Etim, Emem Isong, Ime Bishop Umoh, Moses Armstrong e.t.c are just a few to prove that the state is greatly endowed with talent.


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