6 Reasons to Attend the ‘Policy Dialogue’ by Youth Advocacy Cluster in Uyo this Week

The long anticipated ‘Policy Dialogue’, an event to discuss the way forward for Youth development in Akwa Ibom State is less than 24 hours away.

The policy dialogue tagged: “Youth Development 2019 and Beyond” which aims to gather and strengthen political/public commitments from governments and key stakeholders to prioritize investments in youth development in a strategic and sustainable way. The meeting will also create an opportunity to analyse and improve on the Akwa Ibom Youth Development Fund (AKYDF) bill as a framework for sustainable youth development and seek political/public goodwill for Akwa Ibom State House to pass the bill into law.

Below are 7 reasons why the Policy Dialogue is a must attend for youths and its relevance:


  1. It is important for youths to be part of the Policy Dialogue because the discourse will revolve around issues that will shape their future.


  1. It will promote young people’s active participation in the society, their social inclusion and wellbeing, to improve the key competence, skills and employability of young people.


  1. The Dialogue seeks improvements in youth work and youth policy at local, national and international levels.


  1. It will make the voices of the youths to be heard on how policies and services concerning youths should be shaped and implemented.


  1. It will develop competences related to democratic participation among others, like skills to formulate and debate their ideas and knowledge about policy processes.


  1. Youths active and meaningful participation is of crucial importance to ensure the achievement of development goals and to refresh the development agenda.


This event will hold on the 11th of April 2018 by 10 am at Duellaz Landmark Event Centre, 37 Donald Atiebiet Street Off Ben Udo, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

The event is open to all.

Written by Prince Simeon

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