5W’s and 1H Strategies on How to Market your Brand & Products to Gen-Z


Marketing is spiritual. its spirituality is found in the emotional connection between a product and its target audience (TA).

Let’s go down memory lane to the common marketing campaigns from your favourite brands that inspired you during your childhood days. You remember the famous Guinness Ad, ‘’My Friend Udeme is a Great Man’’? How about Peak Milk’s brilliant Ad, ‘‘Papilo, I know say one day you go make us proud’’?

I bet you, if you watch the aforementioned Ad once again, there is this nostalgic feeling that you get especially when you reminisce your childhood days. Those Ads were prominent in the early days of the millennial era. Right?

Unlike what comes to play in the now, the channels for Successful Marketing campaigns in the millennial era were Radio, Newspaper, Magazines and Television. The keywords utilized in the messaging of campaigns in the era at that time were somewhat traditional as compared to what is obtainable today.

Gen-Z is the demographic cohort that succeeded Millennials, these sets are the typical teens you find in high schools and colleges. They are moved by Buzz-words. They are the Marlians, the woke and ‘coconut head’ generation.

Marketing your product to Gen-Z is a different ball game and very interesting at the same time. From my personal experience, I know for a fact that to successfully market your product to Gen-Z, you need to find them in their territory which is Social Media. You need to use certain keywords to appeal to them. As a matter of fact, you need to avoid selling to them, but rather, find a way to ENTERTAIN them as you go about targeting your ads to them.

(A tweet from SPAR NIGERIA Twitter Page)

Interestingly, there are lots of strategies and channels on how to market your product to Gen-Z. It could be a Facebook post, Instagram story, or a catchy tweet. All the same, you must find a strategy that easily works for them.

Who the Heck is the Gen-Z?

I would like to define the characteristics of Gen-Z as Bold, outspoken, Intelligent, Loyal and Emotional. Gen-Z is the generation that sleeps and wakes up on the internet without getting tired. They know and follow all the trending topics on social media. As such, if a brand is wise enough to incorporate the trending topics in their social media messaging, such a strategy will attract them to your pages.

Where the Heck Can you Locate them?

Social media is the comfort zone of Gen-Z. As a brand that seeks to reach out to them, it is advisable that you choose the right social media platforms where you could easily find them. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are the primary channels to find Gen-Z. For a fashion brand, you’d easily find them on Instagram. Weaving the right marketing message that will connect to them is very key.

What the Heck Appeals to them?

As an easily bored generation, it is advised that you avoid ‘Come and buy’ in your social media posts. Avoid selling to them. If you truly want your brand to appeal to them, you must Entertain, delight, inspire and inform them in your messaging.

Why Do You Need Them?

If you are a brand that cares about building products that would outlive you, you must consider Gen-Z as your primary target. It is however important to note that Gen-Z is not the TAs that will pay big cheques to you, but their strength is in their numbers.

REMA, as Brand Ambassador to HP

In 2019, HP gave an endorsement deal to Rema as their brand Ambassador. Do you know why they chose Rema and not 2Face Idibia? Rema’s music appeals to Gen-Z. His fan base is mostly Gen-Zs.

When to Market to them?

It is also important to note that the period to market your product to Gen-Z is as important as your marketing budget. Like we have a rainy and dry season every year, you need to be intentional about the period you launch your marketing campaigns to Gen-Z. Timing is important.

How to Market to them?

There is no one-sized fit strategy on how to market to Gen-Z because there are very smart. You have to test, test again and retarget your ads to them.

If you must succeed in marketing your product to Gen-Z, your marketing message must connect to them on an emotional level. There are very emotional when it comes to their choice of products. If you can trigger their emotions and be able to appeal to them, there is every tendency that you will cash out.

Written by Iddy Brown

Iddy Brown is Copywriter, Brand & Communications Strategist.


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