5 Benefits of Good Ventilation in Buildings


As human beings, we cannot underestimate that feeling we have when we come in contact with fresh air. Fresh air is very essential to us; we need it to survive, even when we find ourselves inside enclosed spaces. Sometimes, these spaces are not well ventilated and could be detrimental to our health. It is of great importance to consider good ventilation in our rooms both at home and in the workplace. Here are some benefits of good ventilation.


Air Impurity Control

Many people don’t not really pay attention to the quality of air in their rooms, but the case is, air inside our rooms are more polluted than the air outside. A good ventilation strategy will help expel the build-up of moisture, pollutants, and bacteria, like body odour in our rooms.


Temperature Reduction

If you have many people in a room at the same time, that room can become stuffy and hot as a result of respiration and other actives in that space. A well ventilated room will definitely be more comfortable, creating an environment for a more productive workplace.


Air Regulation

Without having a good ventilation system in place, you cannot have control of the air flow in a building. Running mechanical system of fresh air can generate costly energy bills, which is why good natural ventilation makes perfect sense.


Eliminate Condensation

Mould and rotten surfaces can occur in the room as a result of condensation and it is something everyone will want to avoid. Condensation and damp conditions can be dangerous to our health causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems for some people. Good ventilation will help reduce these problems.


Benefits Health

Polluted air coupled with bad ventilation can lead to a number of health problems including asthma, allergies, rashes, headaches and sinusitis. All of which can be avoided with by a good ventilation system is provided.


When next you think of renting or owning an apartment, do not neglect good ventilation.

Written by Prince Simeon

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