4 Things that Can Ruin Your Wedding Party

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There are many things that can ruin the wedding party on your big day. No one ever wishes for such thing to occur, but they happen because thorough attention is not given to some details. This may be as a result of shabby preparations, with little or no time and being sentimental about who does what by the couple or their respective families to take glory, rather than work for the overall goal of making the wedding ceremony a success.

You may not see disappointments or embarrassments coming, but a more careful thought on the 4 listed things below can ruin your big day.


Masters of Ceremony

They are the ‘life-of-the-party’ – the guy or chic who pilots the affairs at the reception venue. It’s sad to say that many who are not professionals direct the spotlight to themself as a way of showing off their compere skills rather than their clients and the reason why the beautifully dressed guests were gathered.

They make unnecessary jokes at guests or basically want to turn the event into a comedy concert, hence taking too much time and sometimes going off the original order of events.

Tip: Meet more than one or two Event Host MC’s. Do your findings considering your guests and the type of atmosphere you want to create, also think about the impression you would like to leave about your big day.



The chairman is the fatherly figure in charge of the occasion and is unarguably the person who sets the tone before the proceedings take off. It is not about who gives you the most money in support of your wedding.

Many chairmen are in the habit of bringing another round of church sermons to the reception, plus a lengthy speech which bores the guest as they would be hungry at some point. Asides the long speech, some ‘chairmen’ do not have a good command of spoken English.

Tip: Find a Chairman who commands respect in public. He should also be knowledgeable in a wide range of fields and one who of course can address a crowd of persons in a dignifying way. It  is important to sit down with him to discuss his idea of what will be carried out at the reception before the day.


Crash Performances

This is another crazy thing you wouldn’t want to see at your wedding reception! You might feel it’s an honour to have some form of performance add spice to the party even without you making provision for it.

Yes, they are not on your list of activities but could be sneaked in by the MC who may have arranged with them before time probably because they have been breathing down his/her neck to give them some room to perform.

Tip: Whether it be a music or comedy act, make sure you actually planned for it in other to avoid getting embarrassed before your guests. More so, inform the MC to strictly follow with the initial designed order of event.


Food Vendor

The most critical part of it all! You don’t want to hear people say that you never had food at your wedding or you never planned properly because almost half the guest left without having food. There was a wedding where one of the guest harassed the caterer for not getting the food round the venue. Yes, some might say he or she should have held their cool. But again, there are cases were the vendor horde food and take them home.

More so, they could serve poorly tasty meals or even half-done rice.

Tip: It might be cost effective, but having two food vendors will go a long way to reduce the drama and delays. Also, there should be two serving points rather than one to help save time.  Again, a close friend or family member could be assigned to supervise over the vendors.

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Written by Prince Simeon

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