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2016, The Year Akwa Ibom Pop Artistes Failed to Impress


The Akwa Ibom state Entertainment sphere has in the past years been very competitive and interesting with its various sectors churning out good contents about the people and its culture. This was seen in the different body of works released, ranging from movies, music, comedy and dance.

However the year 2016 has been a very sloppy one for the music industry as all the pop artiste have failed to impress with at least a “single” that ruled the airwaves. Past years never felt the same way with artiste being consistent in putting out singles, mixtapes and making album attempts. This brought about healthy competitions in the industry with every artiste always trying to outdo the other. With this, a lot of music was passed round as lovers of music never starved for music they could relate to, as their own.

Music lovers were tossed with jollof music every other week and they were never bored. But the once vibrant industry is now lacking luster and the fans are being starved of what was once their daily spice.

Zillions dropped his sophomore album in 2009 titled Nsa Isong. The first afro-hip hop album done by an Akwa Ibom person that was widely accepted by the people, reasons being that he did Ibibio rap and akwa Ibom indigenes could identify with music that had their mother tongue.

L-J followed suit in 2010 with a mixtape titled Blasphemy. He was the first Akwa Ibom hiphop artiste to ever release a mixtape body of work. It had 11 tracks with production credits to O’gver (an artiste/producer) who did a good job with his art. The big reception of the mixtape and Zillions’ album from fans did not only open up a new phase in the Akwa Ibom afro-hip hop world but gave a lot of aspiring young artiste hope of what the future holds.

The same year saw new acts springing up with new sounds. This included Sagas, Leki, Psimfoni, Nasiru, Otyno, IkpaUdo etc.

Ogasir’s Mixtape was pure hiphop with less mass appeal. Sagas also dropped mixtape F.A.K.E in 2012 and sparked up a new wave with people especially students showing him love. Psimfoni’s 7 tracks Head’sUp Ep was another success with hits such as nek unek and Sugar ft Ikpa Udo ruling the airwaves.
Ikpa Udo’s ‘Itipeke’ came about that same year and rocked every corner of the state, the Ibibio rap maestro was really a force to reckon with as he got better with every single he dropped. ‘Ame Nwod’ was another monster hit and probably his biggest song till date.

Otyno who is a producer cum singer played a big role in the production of the afore mentioned body of works/artiste as he produced 98% of the songs released. His production skills were exceptional as everybody scrambled to have him on their records.

Fast-forward to today a lot has been watered down and it feels like we have no afro-pop artiste anymore in Akwa Ibom, as the once popping artistes are now quiet or have no appealing music. Sagas had wriggled his way into ruling the airwaves again in 2015 with ‘Sosongho’, a song of thanksgiving to God and followed up with an EP that was dead on arrival. Even when the EP had heavy rotations on radio, the fans couldn’t get a copy on the streets for reasons best known to him and his team.
The year (2016) has not birthed any new act in Akwa Ibom neither has the existing ones impressed with a single.

Unik brothers dropped their album this year that failed to pop even within the city. Lybra who got signed earlier in the year to Mcgalaxy’s MCG Entertainment and dropped two singles still couldn’t break in. IkpaUdo’s migration to the commercial city of Lagos since 2013 has seen him lose touch with his fans back home with his recent records losing the maestro factor he once possessed.

Whatever happened to the once vibrant music scene that birthed these good breed of acts who were hungry to make a name in the entertainment industry, that has now made them lose impact in churning out good sounds needs to be checked.

IkpaUdo, Pimfoni, Otyno, l-j, O’gver, Lybra , Illrhymz, Leki, o’gver etc all gave us hope of good music and bright future.

We hope their going quiet for this long is for a great comeback, which we sincerely hope will be next year.

[author image=”https://hypestationng.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Kealdy-Hypestationng.jpg” ]Kealdy Iboko is an entertainment enthusiast, DeheadsUp Podcast Producer/Host, budding writer, music lover and believer of Christ. [/author]

Written by kealdy Iboko

Kealdy Iboko, a budding writer, music critic, DeheadsUp Podcast Producer and believer of Christ. Contact: kealdy001@gmail.com, sms +2348112083988


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