“You will go to Harvard…!” | Fela, Aniekan Usoroh Adopt Sensational 15 Year Old at F.R.E.E Conference in Uyo

Fela Durotoye, Lawson Aniekan and Aniekan Usoroh at the F.R.E.E Conference in Uyo

A 15-year-old Akwa Ibomite has been adopted by a confluence of speakers at the just-concluded F.R.E.E Conference convened by Jimi Tewe.

The spotlight fell on the 15-year-old when he took the stage to explain what he learnt from a short video clip that was projected at the event in which a young Indian who always encountered a tree trunk roadblock while cycling to school but decided one fateful day to give the large, heavy trunk a push.

Before the young Indian took the action, government officials, Law enforcement personnel and other citizens big and old, had passed the trunk without taking any step or measure to put off the blockage.

15-year-old Lawson Aniekan among 25 persons who had come out to recount lessons or insights from the short clip said, “I don’t want to call that boy a boy. He is a leader. Leadership is not about position, height or age,” he paused.

“Leadership is all about problem-solving.” At that point, the speakers and audience went frenzy, some jumping, others clapping in excitement.

Fela Durutoye who happened to be the speaker anchoring that session got delighted by the lad’s brilliance, composure and insight and could not help but express it by saying; “Akwa Ibom, behold your leader. Aniekan Usoroh has already adopted you but I am like a father to you. Aniekan, I want to plead with you to take this one as your own. Your problems are his problems. Whatever it takes and whenever you need assistance, come to me,”…“This boy will go to Harvard and Ivy College” he continued.

He went on to pray for the young lad, prompting the citizens of the state present at the conference to ‘sow seeds’ into young Aniekan’s sojourn into a future of greatness. Fela also solicited for Radio and TV anchors to feature the lad on their programmes.

“I want him interviewed before Christmas. I want the world to know the treasure in this young man.” He said.

Fela Durotoye praying for young Lawson

After prayers were offered over the young talent, Fela, speaking to him said, “Don’t limit your dreams. You are just a leader not even because of position. You are just a leader.”

Responding to the gesture, Mr. Lawson said, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” And had his mother who stood by his side pour out blessings on participants who had willingly sowed into her son’s life.

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