Women Share their Testimonies of Joining NiPEWN after Inaugural Launch. Read Uche Umana’s Story

Uche Umana-NiPEWN
Uche Umana, NiPEWN Trainer

Every passing day, women are joining forces to improve their lives; career, relationships, work, businesses and communities. This is the basis on which the Nigerian Professional Entrepreneurial Women Network – NiPEWN was formed, with its inaugural launch on the 28 of March, 2017

This objective is being achieved on a daily as individual members in their various clusters are excited, sharing testimonies of the impact and changes in their lives short period of time of joining the group.


Our first NiPEWN success story is Uche Umana.

Asides being one of the foremost trainers at the Nigerian Professional Entrepreneurial Women Network – NiPEWN, Uche Umana has her own story to tell about how impactful joining the group has been since its inception.


Uche Umana’s experience as a professional has spanned for over 15 years, having worked in various capacities through Finance, oil & Gas, Hospitality, Human Resources, Military, Franchising, Capacity Development & Marketing.

In the course of these jobs and on personal capacity she has trained and acquired some certifications from CIPS-UK, PLAN, HSE, NIM, BOSIET, FATE FOUNDATION, PORT HARCOURT BUSINESS SCHOOL,  EDC, IAT.


All this Uche has channelled into her love for hair with her Say U Hair brand, that provides Entrepreneurial Education and training consultancy for persons who want to become certified Hair Practitioners, Trichologists or start up their brands in the hair industry.


How you heard about NiPEWN

NIPEWN is a vision that was birthed by a group of women who came together on the international women’s day 2016 to find a way to move professional and entrepreneurial women forward. I was fortunate to be in that meeting


The Impact of NiPEWN in your life, career or business and relationship with other women.

NiPEWN has impacted on everything that concerns me positively. In this organization I have found a group of highly cerebral women who come together once a week to develop and upgrade themselves. My business has had a major paradigm shift and the ROI and time have been most rewarding.


On perception earlier had about other women and being in a group

My past jobs had exposed me to working with strong women so I have always admired and looked up to female coaches. However I was worried about  relocating to Akwa Ibom state because I didn’t know If that connect would be available here and I’m glad I’ve found it in this group.

Belonging to NiPEWN has connected to a group of women who do not only set goals but help each other achieve their individual goals by creating accountability partners. I now set and surpass my goals quaterly.

I see new heights every day and have learned through this network not to dwell on any achievement.

NiPEWN is the destination for any woman who wants to make global impact.

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