Wardrobe Tips for the Chubby

Plus Size African American Woman

There is nothing wrong in having lots of flesh on, I mean who wants to look like a scarecrow in a beautiful outfit, but, Most times, chubby women get it all wrong when it comes to having the right clothe pieces in their wardrobe. Don’t ever feel that you can’t be chubby and sexy. So I have put together few tips from stylish people on how to get the right clothing for you.

Wearing the right designs: Avoid horizontal stripes and excessive patterns. These will draw unwanted attention to your body that you may be trying to avoid. If you do choose a pattern, think vertical. Any vertical stripes or patterns that flow vertically will follow the length of your body and elongate it rather than cutting it off like horizontal patterns would.

Solid colors are a safer choice if you want to appear slimmer.

The tried and true rule is that black is generally very slimming and flattering so sticking with darker colors are a safe bet because brighter/lighter colors draw attention to your body and are less effective at camouflaging certain trouble areas.


Wear a bra that is the right size. Go to a shop and get professionally fitted for a bra. If your bra is too small, it can make you look top-heavy; if your bra is too big, it will make you look frumpy. A well-fitting bra can also have a minimizing effect for women who feel they are too top-heavy.

Invest in some shapewear. Wearing shapewear garments under your clothing will help slim your figure, smooth out lines, and give you better posture. All of these are good things that will help your clothes look more appealing.


Pick flattering shoes. In general, shoes that stop at your ankle or have ankle straps will make your legs look shorter and cut off the smooth lines of your body. Instead, go with some tall boots or ballet flats. And of course, heels make everyone’s legs look great.


Choose the right accessories. A wide belt (not a skinny belt) will help hide your tummy if that is a problem area for you. Sparkly earrings or exciting headbands can draw attention away from your body and direct people to look elsewhere.



Avoid big fabrics and tent dresses. It is a common practice to think that wearing oversized clothing hides your figure. In reality, though, it only accentuates the features you are trying to hide. Wearing clothes that are too big just draws attention to the fact that you are trying to hide behind your clothes and makes your silhouette less distinct. This will make you look bigger in the long run.


Choose pant trousers that fit. It is easy to think that wearing pants that are too big are more flattering than pants that are too small (we all want to avoid the dreaded muffin top!). But the fact of the matter is that both options are equally unflattering.

Pants that are too big hide your shape and make you seem bulky. Get a pair of nice fitting jeans – or if you can’t find one, have a tailor create a pair just for you from some you already own. A perfectly fitting pair of pants will go a long way.

Additionally, aim for boot-cut pants. This style is slightly wider at the bottom and will make your hips and thighs look more proportional

Select a skirt. Pencil skirts are great for curvier girls because they go with the natural curvature of your body. They hug you in all the right places and help your hips/thighs look more balanced, much like boot-cut jeans.


Wear an A-line or Empire style dress. These styles will accentuate your curves, while still camouflaging your tummy, thighs, or butt. The flowy lower half of the dress is much more flattering than a fitted type that will show every bulge or imperfection. A universally flattering style for most body types is the wrap dress.


Emphasize your waist. No matter what size you are, it is better to show your figure than to not. Choose clothes that emphasize your waist. Even larger ladies have hourglass figures and it is important to show them off. This means wearing clothes that fit properly and accentuate your features, rather than trying to simply hide them or cover them up. Use colors and patterns to your advantage to draw attention to your waistline with vertical stripes or an interesting belt.


So beautiful, next time you go shopping for new outfits, have this tips as your guide in addition to your shopping list.

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