Gospel Artiste, Bobby Friga Makes Demeaning Comments on Busola Dakolo’s Rape Story

Bobby Friga FOGMMON
Bobby Friga

A popular Akwa Ibom based gospel singer, Bobby Friga has been caught up in the web of the Busola Dakolo and Biodun Fatoyinbo social media trend on Friday.

Bobby Friga real name Conscience Ibanga while responding to a post made by an anonymous social media user regarding the Busola/Fatoyinbo saga made some demeaning comments in the post which has stirred negative reactions.

According to Friga the ‘Ameyaiya’ crooner, he did know what the word rape meant to adults especially women, stating that Busola’s decision to speak up against the randy act by Fatoyinbo is a plot to hold down the COZA pastor.

He commented, ‘’She no get anything to say… I don’t even know what women or adult claimed to be rape in this world.  Ooh maybe she feels its the right way to hold down the guy but she forgot she is actually blackmailing herself and the husband.

‘’Make she wait the day she has issues with another woman, her story will play out in public.

‘’Make she and the husband sharp mouth up and down time go tell. What is actually their aims?’’


Also replying to comment by another Facebook user on the post, Bobby said:

Emmabest Eyo my brother every woman must be deflowered by a man except lesbians. If she claimed it was rape and a s good girl, why didn’t she report to her parents or the authorities at that time.

Why come now to bla. I don’t know any of them but it’s just annoying when I see adult act like kids.

Wife no sabi body husband no tell am.


This did not go well for the Chairman of Fellowship of Gospel Music Ministers of Nigeria (FOGMMON) in Akwa Ibom State as many disagreed with the singer, as they expressed their displeasure over his comments.

Below are some of the reactions to his comments:

Christabell Ekaette Amen !!!! Mofucker must be conceived by Anal sex, there’s no way being this much of an asshole is natural …. I’m so ready for his kind today “””” 😡😡😡😡😡


Francis Jane God Bless you.I was holding back so hard not to curse His child in my reply to him. Such a disgusting comment.

Asibong Asi I don’t belong to this country, the way most humans think in this part of the world is heartbreaking. Me I am tired of vexing this morning. Mad people everywhere. That one doesn’t know God at all.

Evelyn Edidiong Udobia Kai😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 the guy is heartless. Do you know what it means to be rape? I’m so disappointed right now. You’re one of the reasons most rape victims don’t speak out😭😭😭😭😭

Dunamis Mfonido Udeme Idiong Jesus must be weeping right now due to this comment..

Enomfon Akpan I saw this comment.. I was shocked

Idorenyin Amaunam This guy is blindly, and wildly stupid. And he’s a respected gospel musician oh. Maybe with good exposure. Very dangerously foolish!

I wish those gay people we see in movies will hold him down and rape his pedophile rotten ass.

I’m sorry, I’m just sick by the comment.

Bangstix Mmg He’s very very uselessly stupid. This shi moved me to near tears. He should be beaten up

Iniodu River Eshiet I don’t think he’s normal…..I just don’t want to get upset here but let me drop this…

No matter the time of confession…this is the safest time for that lady to confess..

No one knows the kind or the level of threats she’s been exposed to…that’s rape and please if you don’t know the story behind this rape thing just keep quiet and face your music career….else you’ll know the pain of having your daughter raped by her pastor at the age of 17….did I say rape? Sorry “disvirgined” is the right word


Emokiniovo Dafe-Akpedeye What nonsense is this one saying? Instead of advocating against rape and finding out how to investigate this matter, he comes to talk trash

Ekerette-Alvin Ikpe All these blind pastor worshippers and proponents of touch not my anointed…experts at victim-shaming because their “god” is involved.

We don’t need a robust reply anymore. Arrest, investigate and prosecute where found guilty.

I’m glad rape victims are beginning to speak up!


Jackie Uko He’s a rapist.

Uduak Odoro Shame on you Mr Man. You are a disgrace. If you don’t know what to say, don’t say anything

Koko Wanjiru Ekpo Davids Lord have mercy!!! This is despicable.

Anne Richard Assifah Hmmmmm…Bobby friga you are an Idiot…I admire Timi’s wife for voicing out

I never had the courage to voice out,I’m a victim of rape

It’s not something anyone is proud of saying..but I pray your sister or daughter not get raped,bcs if you you’ve had any experience about “Rape” you won’t type this rubbish

I hear you are a gospel artist, what do you even sing or preach?

Iniobong Leroi Umoh He could be a rapist himself. Some of them use gospel music to deceive people


Unwana Udoh na wa o…. Some people need total brain overhauling


Praise-Mercy Udoh It’s a shame sir.. So she was supposed to keep it all to herself because a pastor was involved. I wonder the pains she went through keeping it this long. Some people do not have the courage to speak up though.

Unwana Udoh Praise-Mercy Udoh This religion is making people lose sense

Adaeze Mona-lisa Imbecile. How I wish he will also know what it feels to have a Rape Victim in his house

Paulson UbongAbasi Michael This Bobby Friga guy is a cretin upstairs. Judas is even better than him

Nski Bernie Samson-Akpan Sad 😭..cant say more and to think I’ve heard good things about this Friga guy.. Most people just look intelligent but once they open their mouth to talk we realize how stupid they are..he should have just shut up and keep making us believe he’s intelligent and has morals rather than wading into such matter with no guidance.

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Written by Prince Simeon

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