US Government Places Travel Ban on Nigerian Officials for ‘Undermining Democratic Process’

Department of State

Department of State

The United States has imposed visa restrictions on some top Nigerian government officials it believed are responsible for undermining democracy in Nigeria, especially during the country’s last general elections.

The restriction was made known through the US Department of State in a press release by its Spokesperson, Morgan Ortagus said the actions “are not directed at the Nigerian people or the newly elected government”, but to specific “individuals have operated with impunity at the expense of the Nigerian people and undermined democratic principles and human rights.”

“This decision reflects the Department of State’s commitment to working with the Nigerian government to realize its expressed commitment to end corruption and strengthen democracy, accountability, and respect for human rights”, she added.

It can be recalled that in a January 24 statement, the U.S. government said that it would consider consequences – including visa restrictions – for individuals responsible for undermining the Nigerian democratic process or for organizing election-related violence.

Although the names of top Nigerian officials slammed with visa restriction were not mentioned, several media platforms have published names which they consider as those affected.

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