Unmasking Rex Madeit, Producer of the “Amem?” Street Anthem by Unik Brodaz

Moses John, a.k.a Rex, producer of the street anthem, “Amem?”

Has it ever crossed your mind who is behind the production of the popping street anthem, “Amem?” by the music duo of Ubon and Nkereuwem Ntuk known as Unik Brodaz? Well, if your answer is yes, then your curiosity is not farfetched from ours as we finally got to find out whose magic fingers had put together the biggest sounds from this side of the Atlantic that has got everyone; irrespective of gender to bump to this vibe.

His name is Moses John, but musically known as Rex who hails from Itu Local Government of Akwa Ibom State. The 25 years old finished from Nigeria Christian Institute (NCI) in 2009 and got admission on merit into the University of Uyo in 2014 and is currently in his 400 Level studying Computer Science.

He shared his sojourn in production, how he met the Unik Brodaz and how he has been getting some accolades for the “Amem?” project.


Getting into Music and Production

Well how I got into music production, it was part of my life, it just happened, I was just an ordinary church drummer, but yet I loved the likes of drake, Lil’Wayne and the whole cash money group.

The stunts in their instrumental/ songs motivated me to give a trial to my drumming skill but I couldn’t do it….I then decided to find out what the Americans use in making music….Went through searches on Google, got the software, explored it and learnt it on my own indoors till I was able to produce for somebody.

I got to meet few friends who loved what am doing in school… And that’s how I get to meet people every day.


Asides Amem, Other Songs Produced that have gotten Attention?

Not much songs though. I produced “Carolina” by Razor ft Nayme Harvey and Morgan. ‘Ata Ufa’ by Razzy and Teaser’s “Shake Body” and a few other nice songs.


Meeting the Unik Brodaz

Well, my meeting with the Unik Brodaz was designed by God. They came to record in my studio through my bosses Feelingz and MC Collins. Their “Amem?” project was an ongoing project before we met and had already been touched by up to five producers and was sounding good. So they kinda heard ma sounds and then liked it and so they insisted I have to take on the project afresh with them.


Influences in Production

Uhm!.. The likes of Killertunes, Spellz, Master Kraft, Tekno, Krizbeatz…these guyz are my influence in the music production industry. They are sound gods.


What It Feels Producing A Street Anthem Like “Amem?”

I feel great and destined! And this happened within the short period of time I emerged and boom, I produced a hit…it’s an exciting and amazing feeling!


Getting some Accolades after the Song became Big

Lol, yeah a lot of it! I get accolades from folks I know and those I don’t know….Good Compliment everywhere I go to.


Inspiration Behind the beat

What inspired the beat is the progression of the song…. Almost same vibes but the sounds were not from Run Town’s song, “Mad Over You”…. It’s a total different sound. People will always criticize no matter what!


The Journey so far as an Upcoming Producer

It hasn’t been easy though. I have experienced some tough times and good times, but on the whole, there is hope!


Future Aspirations

I hope to take my music grind to the next level, outside where I’m from. I look forward to working with bigger acts and produce more hit songs.

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Written by Prince Simeon

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