Things You Should Know about Making Song Covers/Replies

Out of excitement and admiration for a hit and trending song, other artiste dashes into the studio to recreate, making a cover for the song, their own unique version and bring another vibe and perspective for the listeners delight.

This trend is not new to the music industry, from local to foreign and it’s not limited to just upcoming artistes, but the big names too!

For some, this is not a good move nor reasonable action to jump on another’s creative work. The first thing that creeps up their mind is “this is copycat, why can’t they just do their own thing and stay off another’s creative piece?!”. Well, unfortunately that is their perspective; it’s not a welcome idea and they abhor the effort with a lot of disdain.

To clear this perception, here are a few things you need to understand why artistes jump on tracks earlier released by their fellow music acts.


Appreciation for Art

Doing a cover for many is a sincere appreciation and admiration of the creative work and want to identify with it, hence they show that the material has potential beyond what was earlier done, saying “you did great on that track”.


Prove Your Talent/Skills

Covers, remixes as it has always been known as or replies are another way of knowing how talented an artiste is. He or she who heads to the studio to remake another’s song will either make or mare his image when their version of the song comes out well or is messed up. Your brand is at stake!


Extended Promo

This part is unarguably the best thing that happens to a song when a cover or remix of it is done. Its rotation on radio or pubs and even by the listeners becomes elongated, especially when it’s done right. You hear the first version played side by side with the cover versions by OAP’s and DJ’s and then you find people converse about which is their favourite while enjoying the record.


New Mileage

On big artiste remixing a song by a younger one, whether they are in the same locality or not this is one of the most humbling moments which is a two-way thing. One, the big or veteran artiste humbles himself to lay a voice on the song. For the originator, who never saw that coming, he scores a point, his career hits another peak, a mileage and record. A typical example is when R.Kelly who is even known to be one of Michael Jackson’s songwriter did the remix for “IF” by one of Nigeria and Africa’s biggest act, Davido. OBO couldn’t believe that an artiste like R.Kelly he grew up listening to could jump on his own song…he was super excited and amazed!



If you are making a cover of a popular song it will put you up for listeners to stream your version too therefore exposing you to the originators audience. If the cover or remix is made in your local language, your people may get to appreciate the song more than the original especially if it wasn’t what they could relate to. But note that while doing this, you can’t make money off a cover, its illegal or except you have obtained a documented permission from the original writer and probably reached an agreement to monetize the work.

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Written by Prince Simeon

Goldenchyld is the Head Publicist and Blogger at Hypestation Nigeria. He has interest that cuts across lifestle, tech, music and other things that affect everyday living. Follow him on Twitter @goldenchylduno and @goldenchyld_ on Instagram


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